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Discover how we can transform your digital marketing and social media strategies with data analytics, content production, influencer marketing, and O2O marketing.

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As an agency in Hong Kong, we strive to provide the very best that digital marketing has to offer for Western and Chinese markets.

Our holistic approach to digital marketing aims to align clients’ social media strategies, customer relationship management, and O2O marketing by implementing organisational change management. Our working strategies, actions and methods however are guided by certain core values.

Passion & Curiosity: In a constantly shifting environment and industry, we like to stay on our toes. We need to constantly be on the lookout for news and events going on in the digital world. Our passion and curiosity help us to remain relevant, current and innovative.

Proactivity & Agility: It is crucial to be a step ahead whenever we carry out actions. We hate to remain static; proactivity is at the core of our working methods and we always remain agile in our approaches to be prepared to adjust actions in real time.

Humility & Respect: In digital marketing, one of the biggest mistakes that one can make is to think that you know everything. We are experts today but we keep challenging ourselves to learn every day in order to improve our methodology and services.

Business Drive & Entrepreneurship: Having a business spirit is part of our DNA. We help clients to be digitally pragmatic through cost effective and profitable actions. Our entrepreneurial spirit pushes us to mix risk, innovation and performance for business development.


We Can Help

Digital Business Lab mixes several key ingredients to compose a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to answer all your needs. While we specialise in social media campaigns in China and Hong Kong, we work with a range of digital experts to provide you with high quality deliverables.

Social Media Strategy & Data Analytics

Our main expertise in social media strategy aims to inspire your audience through attractive and engaging storytelling shown to the right audience at the right time based on meticulous data analytics. We strive to create a holistic digital experience to catch your target audience’s attention, drive engagement, generate leads and increase revenue.

Content Marketing & Video Production

We create engaging stories for targeted audience through content marketing strategies and full video production services. Our video production team of art directors, cinematographers, editors, graphic designers, and copywriters are specialised in all stages of video production from pre-production to post-production. Have a look at our social media video, kickstarter video, commercials and corporate videos, event videos.

Influencer Marketing

We partner with brand ambassadors and key opinion leaders to grow your audience and boost your social media campaign. We aim for collaborations with key opinion leaders whose audiences are interested in your message to build a community that is relevant and targeted. We strive to capitalise on organic audiences with strong engagement.

Customer Relationship Management

Through Facebook and WeChat Apps, we can collect data about your audience, enabling us to synchronise your customer relationship management with social media strategies. This helps to develop lead generation, turning fans into super fans into leads and finally into clients.

O2O Marketing & Digital Transformation

With the newest technology trends in O2O marketing, we can unlock new revenue streams by bringing a new generation of customers offline to online. We strive to maintain the synchronisation, agility, and creativity of a start-up to help you link all your actions into a cohesive digital strategy.

We can make digital transformation seamless with careful consulting and training. We can perform change management to include store digitalization, SEO, CRM, traffic management, and much more.


Our Clients

We’ve worked with some pretty great people at some pretty awesome companies.

DBL provided digital marketing services to my company, Wright & Smith, for 6 months. From the outset, the team showed a great understanding of our business model and brand, and worked so hard to give us every support that we needed. DBL is extremely thorough, organised and professional as well as a pleasure to work with. They actually feel like part of the Wright & Smith family! I would highly recommend their services.
Sasha Young
Director @ Wright & Smith
DBL's innovative approach in recruiting and activating KOLs through exclusive win/win partnerships focused on smart targeting and real time optimisation provided the events great visibility on Social Media channels.
Michael Denmark
Founder/CEO @ AIA Carnival
We signed DBL, a start-up at the time, because they demonstrated a high level of commitment, professionalism and range of services. Lab Concept needed digital capability in brand building and to create social media presence. We knew we didn't want to work with a large agency and DBL provided the solutions we needed. They were attentive, proactive and helped us set up a sustainable framework as well as clear working processes for our social media calendar, shared useful insights about digital marketing and often went over and beyond what their scope of work called for, to ensure our work was completed in a timely manner. They also strategically grew our fan base for our FB/IG accounts and put together interesting projects in engaging new fans/ potential customers for Lab Concept. I have since then moved to head a MNC and am currently looking to re-engage DBL's services again.
Morgan Tan
Vice President @ Lab Concept - Lane Crawford, Hong Kong


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