Founder Story

Everything began in St. Malo, France, the notorious home of corsairs, privateers and our founder Albin Lix, where he started his career at 16 years old with Beaumanoir Group, the leader in women’s ready-to-wear apparel in France.

“Growing up in the countryside, there were deep inspirational values instilled in the community which naturally helped craft people-centric entrepreneurial stories as everything was about humility, passion and loyalty.”

At 25 years old, Albin landed in Hong Kong with little more than ambition and a business idea.

Learning and observing the unique Asian trends in social media, Albin believed the evolving landscape was a great opportunity for an agency to offer something different.

“The massive space occupied by Social Media in our society pushes brands to be there. We see this as an opportunity to help brands to act as their own media: understanding audiences and producing meaningful content.”

One week after his arrival, Digital Business Lab was born.

Once business ramped up, Albin began meticulously constructing the pillars of his one-stop, performance-driven creative social media agency to operate with both the left and right brain.

His experience and values from his early days have prominently influenced the company from top to bottom.

“Social Media is about inspiring with an instant and targeted experience, that’s what we do.”

What started out as a one-man-band working from home has grown organically to a team of over 25 in Hong Kong and Singapore with 12 different nationalities. DBL is now a prominent player in the Social Media sphere, creating valuable experiences in 11 languages and for different markets around the world.

“Our team reflects the pluralism and harmony required to operate in the diverse social media world today”

The vision of Digital Business Lab is finally coming into full view. And it’s looking bright.