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Top 10 Sports & Outdoor Influencers on Little Red Book: Embrace the “Pan-outdoor” Trend


If you’ve been following our series on Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) in 2024, you know why this platform doesn’t showcase so-called “TOP” influencers. Instead, influencers on Little Red Book thrive by being niche and unique, attracting followers with similar tastes and aesthetics.

This approach aligns with what mainland marketers call “垂直领域” (Vertical Fields). Vertical Fields represent areas of in-depth research and discussion within a specific field, emphasizing professionalism, depth, and uniqueness. Examples include industries like technology, education, tourism, and food.

In the following articles, we’ll introduce influencers in specific fields who can effectively benefit your brand and drive immediate product leads.

*Note: While influencer marketing can generate immediate traffic, Digital Business Lab advises clients focusing on quality growth in mainland China to build their BGC (brand-generated content) first. This foundation helps potential followers better understand and connect with your brand. For more details on BGC, refer to our previous articles:

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Now let’s take a deep dive in the first vertical field – Sports and Outdoor:

“Outdoor+” is a prevailing trend. Post-COVID, the hottest terms in mainland China include City Walk, Urban Core, Hiking, Camping, and Wild Eating…... People are reconnecting with nature, and brands are seizing this trend by collaborating with outdoor and sports KOLs to resonate with their customers.

The perception of outdoor activities has lightened, referring to both a lighter concept and a relaxed communication style. Brands now prefer to integrate products into natural settings without overly detailed explanations, letting the products blend seamlessly into the environment. Many outdoor sports brands adapt their professional concepts flexibly, making their products suitable for daily use.

Anta_轻壳系列_LightShellCollection_Little Red Book

ANTA “Light Shell” Collection on Little Red Book: A Day in City (left); A Day in Nature (Right)



Additionally, non-outdoor categories such as beauty, skincare, and non-camping vehicles collaborate with outdoor influencers, linking their brand messages to nature, health, and beauty themes.

We’ve selected some of the top outdoor influencers on Xiaohongshu who can help brands resonate deeply with their customers. They are divided into two sections: Outdoor and Pan-outdoor influencers. Pan-outdoor influencers may not be as specialized in hardcore outdoor activities. Still, their content embodies the spirit of the outdoors, healthy living, and positive energy, offering brands creative opportunities to express their values.

PART I: Outdoor KOLs

#1 @野营叔

With over a million followers across social media, Camping Uncle (@露营叔) discovered his passion for camping during his hiking and mountaineering trips. Initially, camping was just a means to spend a night outdoors, but two to three years ago, it evolved into a more profound interest and hobby. The pandemic reignited his love for camping, motivating him to delve deeper into the activity. Observing the growing popularity of camping, even without organized festivals, Camping Uncle believes that the appeal of camping is here to stay.

  • Base: Zhuhai, Guangzhou
  • Active Follower Ratio: 75.6%
  • Engagement rate: 5.1%
  • CPE: Video – 3.70 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 49.97% | Male – 50.03%
  • Key audience locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.
  • Brands: Decathlon, Columbia, etc.

#2 @游牧夫妻

Nomad Couple, created by Xiao Ding and Xiao Pan, is a digital media account documenting their adventures as digital nomads for over four years. In 2019, they left Shanghai for Latin America, travelling across Mexico in an RV. Following the pandemic, they transitioned to a digital nomad lifestyle, living in ecological communities, co-living spaces, and spiritual towns in over ten countries. Through their nomadic journey, they have grown, reflected, and created, sharing their unique experiences and insights with their audience.

  • Base Location: Shanghai
  • Active Follower Ratio: 83.8%
  • Engagement rate: 4.6%
  • CPE: Video – 3.95 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 79.35% | Male – 20.64%
  • Key audience locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, etc.
  • Brands: Ant Insurance, SkinCeuticals, Klook, Tourism New Zealand, etc.

#3 @野生爱玛

Rejecting a 500,000 RMB annual salary offer, she backpacked and lived a minimalist lifestyle. @野生爱玛 embark on a solo journey around the world for 19 months, leaving her footprints in the remotest corners of the globe over the past decade. In 2023, she began hiking, progressing from simple day hikes to solo snow mountain treks. Single for eight years, Emma is self-reliant and fluent in four languages: Chinese, English, French, and Spanish. She earns money, spends it her way, and even takes on DIY projects like home renovations. On Xiaohongshu, she shares her adventures, inviting her followers to experience life on the road with her.

  • Base Location: Chengdu, Sichuan
  • Active Follower Ratio: 75.6%
  • Engagement rate: 5.1%
  • CPE: Video – 3.70 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 49.97% | Male – 50.03%
  • Key audience locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.
  • Brands: Decathlon, Columbia, etc.

#4 @赵老师没灵魂

12 years ago, Mr Zhao started his photography journey, often venturing alone for shoots. Over time, realizing that his photography was detached from himself, he turned the lens inward, documenting his life on the road and in the wild. His transition from anxiety to enjoying the present moment resonated with many young people searching for direction, growing his follower base to 230.5k. With his trusty van, Mr. Zhao blends outdoor adventures with his passion for camping and self-discovery.

  • Base Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Active Follower Ratio: 83.9%
  • Engagement rate: 3.4%
  • CPE: Video – 3.00 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 59.50% | Male – 40.49%
  • Key audience locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, etc.
  • Brands: L’OREAL, Jingdong, Vibram, Midea, Columbia, etc.

#5 fit4life

Fit4life is hosted by two vibrant Beijing natives, WeiYa and Giselle, whose lively chats cover various topics. WeiYa, a dedicated runner and triathlete, is known for her meticulous appearance and passion for fitness. At the same time, Giselle, a long-time expatriate with a Western-influenced style, excels in skiing, surfing, and strength training. Nearly 40, they defy conventional expectations with their energetic lifestyles, travelling freely, enjoying vacations, and participating in competitions. Fit4life inspires listeners with positive attitudes and healthy living tips, showcasing life as a wild landscape to explore boldly and authentically.

  • Base Location: Beijing
  • Active Follower Ratio: 45.9%
  • Engagement rate: 6.00%
  • CPE: Video – 4.08 RMB/read, Picture – 2.01 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 87% | Male – 13%
  • Key audience locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc.
  • Brands: NEW BALANCE, L’OREAL, OPPO, etc.

PART II: Pan-outdoor KOLs

#1 @皮皮在蓝色星球

As one of the most popular travel and outdoor bloggers, 27-year-old Pipi in Blue Planet captivates millions with her adventurous lifestyle, documenting her experiences through engaging vlogs. Her journey brings joy and inspiration to her audience, offering an escape from the routine of full-time employment. Pipi’s content resonates particularly well with a predominantly female audience, making her an ideal partner for luxury and beauty brands.

  • Base Location:
  • Active Follower Ratio: 77.6%
  • Engagement rate: 6.04%
  • CPE: Video – 4.06 RMB/read, Picture – 1.74 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 93% | Male – 7%
  • Key audience locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.
  • Brands: SK-II, LANCOME, LA MER, etc.

#2 @刘逗逗不怎么逗

With a degree in Visual Design, Liu Doudou has expanded her horizons to become a Personal Trainer, Illustrator, Travel Vlogger, and Brand Co-partner. Having visited 25 countries by age 25, her radiant confidence and joyful demeanour are evident in every photo she shares. Liu Doudou’s vibrant energy and positive spirit inspire her followers, promoting a message that every girl deserves a better life. Her diverse skills and upbeat persona make her a valuable influencer for brands aiming to connect with an energetic and optimistic audience.

  • Active Follower Ratio: 80.3%
  • Engagement rate: 3.5%
  • CPE: Video – 2.94 RMB/read, Picture – 0.94 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 98.27% | Male – 1.72%
  • Key audience locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, etc.
  • Brands: LANCOME, Under Armor, Volvo, etc.

#3 @常靖悦Anny

Anny Chang is a multifaceted influencer known for her roles as a travel blogger, fashion icon, and successful entrepreneur. She began her journey as a travel blogger in 2017, sharing her adventures with a growing audience. Despite travel restrictions during the pandemic, Anny pivoted to introspection, exploring other ways to inspire her followers. Anny aims to offer a diverse perspective on beauty in a society often plagued by body image anxieties.

  • Base Location: Guangzhou
  • Active Follower Ratio: 39.8%
  • Engagement rate: 4.1%
  • CPE: Video – 8.04 RMB/read, Picture – 7.57 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 83.00% | Male – 16.99%
  • Key audience locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, etc.
  • Brands: Lululemon, Lincoln China, Bowers & Wilkins, Gatorade (佳得乐), etc.

#4 @野人阿雅🦋

Once a girl with dreams of becoming an actress, Aya has transformed into a prominent Travel & Outdoor vlogger and Marathon expert. She is on a mission to try 101 different sports and has set her sights on the ultimate adventure: climbing Mount Qomolangma. Aya’s journey inspires her followers with her relentless pursuit of diverse physical challenges and passion for exploring the great outdoors.

  • Active Follower Ratio: 39.8%
  • Engagement rate: 4.1%
  • CPE: Video – 8.04 RMB/read, Picture – 7.57 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 83.00% | Male – 16.99%
  • Key audience locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, etc.
  • Brands: Lululemon, Lincoln, Bowers & Wilkins, Gatorade (佳得乐), etc.

#5 @Honeymimi

Honeymimi is dedicated to her gym projects, sharing her healthy lifestyle, food choices, and reflections on her journey. Her disciplined approach and motivational content resonate with followers seeking fitness and health inspiration.

  • Beijing
  • Active Follower Ratio: 65.9%
  • Engagement rate: 11.2%
  • CPE: Video – 3.63 RMB/read, Picture – 1.55 RMB/read
  • Audience gender: Female – 96% | Male – 4%
  • Key audience locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.
  • Brands: Huawei, LG China, ALTO Cars, Nespresso, etc.

Key Takeaways

The “Pan-outdoor” trend on Little Red Book highlights a shift towards a more inclusive and relaxed approach to outdoor activities. Brands can leverage this trend to connect with a broader audience by integrating their products into natural settings and collaborating with influencers who embody the spirit of the outdoors, healthy living, and positive energy.

  • Integration with Nature: Brands should seamlessly integrate their products into natural settings without overly detailed explanations.
  • Collaborative Flexibility: Collaborate with specialized and Pan-outdoor influencers to reach diverse audiences.
  • Holistic Brand Messaging: Link your brand message to themes of nature, health, and beauty, even if your product is not traditionally associated with the outdoors.
  • Build BGC First: Build strong brand-generated content (BGC) to ensure quality growth and better audience understanding.

By understanding and leveraging these influencers, brands can tap into the evolving trend of “Pan-outdoor” and effectively connect with their target audiences on Little Red Book.

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