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7 Influencer Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Miss for 2018

Keep up with the changing landscape of influencers.


Today, it is undeniable that influencer (also known as KOL) marketing strategy has been booming, to an extent that almost every marketer has ever thought of carrying it out. As more and more marketers jump into the influencer marketing waters, the change of tides can lead their strategy to a different direction. The followings seven influencer marketing trends are to be watched for 2018.

1. One of the most notable influencer marketing trends is, competition is really high.

For 2018, more and more brands, including B2C and B2B, will activate their influencer marketing campaigns. It means your competition could soon be launching their own campaigns. It makes it more important that your campaign differentiates itself from the crowd. By developing unique influencer relationships, helpful insights, and new media forms, you could elevate your campaign to a higher level.

2. Brands want bold creativity.

To stand out from the competition, brands are in pursuit of nouveau and innovative approaches. With solid content serving as the foundation for any campaign, brands expect to offer unique, bold, and intuitive user experiences, creating a new level of excitement and further engaging audiences.

3. Influencer marketing is not just about audience growth.

Brands are and will turn to KOL campaign for conversions and engagement as one of the major influencer marketing trends. Therefore, audience growth is far from enough. As a result, an influx of influencer and brand hosted webinars, live stream Q&A’s, endorsements will come.

4. Influencers are nowadays the brand ambassadors.

Oftentimes, brands are missing exclusivity in their relationships with influencers. And they have noticed. Brands are getting ready to establish more long-term partnerships with influencers instead of a one-off collaboration. This will turn influencers into the “brand ambassador” and serve almost as an extension of your internal marketing team.

5. Budget for influencer marketing is increasing.

Though some influencers are born and raised on social media, they soon realise their business value in brand advocacy. They become the new celebrities, which no doubt will increase the marketing budget for brands. With more attractive incentives, brands can invest more into developing their influencer relationships and in creating more high-quality content.

6. Influencers are getting picky in who they work with.

Influencers start to be more strategic in aligning themselves with different B2B and B2C brands. They also have a brand to build. With more brands approaching them for contributions, influencers start to choose carefully the right partnership that will help them grow their personal brand and network.

7. Exploration of new social media platforms.

Brands are also looking to have their voice heard on new platforms and channels. This helps extend the reach of their influencer marketing campaigns, and engage new audiences that were otherwise lost to them.

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