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7 Video Marketing Stats No Smart Marketers Should Ignore

A video is worth more than a thousand words.


It has long been said that humans are visual creatures, and in the realm of digital marketing, it cannot be more true. Research has proven that brands using videos for promotion receive significantly more traffic. It is evident that video marketing plays a critical role in brand awareness. When planning the digital marketing strategy, you shouldn’t overlook the power of video content.

Check out these impressive stats that will change your mind on video marketing, if still not convinced.

1. A product video can turn 85% of viewers into potential buyers. 

A product video provides visitors with more information than when they’re reading a text. Once your customers have a better impression of what you are offering, the conversion rate will rise.

2. Video content can boost 157% of organic traffic to your landing page.

As people are spending more than twice the time on pages with videos, it is no brainer to have captivating videos on the landing page to keep them engaged.

3. ‘How-to’ videos have an increase of 70% year-on-year on YouTube.

It is commonly known that YouTube is not only an entertainment tool for internet users, but also a learning platform. Creating tutorial videos can simplify the learning process, and have customers understand your products and services better.

4. 80% prefers a live video to reading a blog.

Alongside the opportunity to reach new audiences, live videos tend to entertain viewers and make them feel more involved, informed and connected.

5. Behind-the-scenes videos get 87% of preference.

Behind-the-scenes footage is an excellent way to expose the inside of your business while adding a more personal touch. Brands can upload clips showing the people behind the brand, and give viewers a sneak peek on the making of the final product.

6. UGC and professional videos boost brand engagement by an average of 28%.

To create strong connections with social media influencers, user-generated content is the magic you need. People tend to trust user-generated content about twice as much.

7. Between 20% and 40% of those who attend a webinar become qualified leads

Webinars give brands an opportunity to reach a wider audience in exchange for providing valuable content that people want.

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