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WeChat Official Account Can Now Be Managed on Mobile

One more reason to kickstart your WeChat marketing.


WeChat Official Account admins can now use a mobile app to manage the articles, check private messages and manage subscribers. The app is available on iOS for now. The launch of Android version is expected soon. This move will drive the social media marketing operations in China to a easier and more convenient direction.

WeChat started off as a mobile-first product, but the operation of the Official Account is highly reliant on desktop. Therefore, moving the management functions to the app can enrich the mobile experience. With the mobile management app, marketers can post trendy content and answer feedbacks in time. Nowadays, with consumers’ heavy use of mobile, real-time plays more and more of a critical element in audience engagement.

Here is the sneak peek on the mobile app:

The Fast-growing WeChat Official Account

Why you cannot ignore WeChat for your social media engagement in the China market

It is commonly known that, to have a strong performance in China, WeChat should be on the table. Its Official Account is a popular channel for marketers, media, enterprises, and organizations as a content generation base.

According to WeChat Impact Report 2018, subscription to official accounts have been growing fast in 2017:

wechat subscription accounts per categories

The report shows, 34% of Official Account users said that, the usage of the channel has enabled them to decrease costs by more than 30%.

operators are very satisfied with performance via wechat official account

China market is highly lucrative with the biggest population base in the world, along with the strong buying power of the Chinese consumers. However, the market is also competitive and fast-changing. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, plus constant technical innovations, WeChat maintains in the fast lane of growth. So should your business. Contact us today and start growing your voice in the China market.

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