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Content Marketing is PR’s New Best Friend

When you need to maintain strong media relations, you better provide them with highly relevant and engaging content.


Mass media are on the decline. Traditional PR approach no longer has the same communication effect as it used to. Thanks to the emergence of online marketing, PR found a new best friend: content marketing. 

PR produces content: press release, white paper, to name a few. In the old days, PR is a one-way broadcasting. It maintains relationship with mass media. However, people now turn to social media for the information they want. Knowing what your audience want becomes crucial. Hence, PR needs to adjust its methods.

Content marketers use media monitoring tools to understand what the audience want first. Content produced as a result can harvest higher engagement.

Create performance-driven content for media/blogger/influencer

By combining PR and content marketing, a company can provide quality content to influencers and media on a regular basis. When you share well-crafted blogs, videos, or photos with media, they are more likely to use them. What’s more, they can start to trust you as an authentic source of relevant information.

Boost SEO for press release

As press release is no longer limited to media channels, PR professionals need to work on SEO to boost the online exposure of the releases. Content marketers can help with that. This can be done by supplying keywords, inbound links, meta-tags and so on. Media releases with these add-ons can help increase traffic to your website.

Align PR and content marketing

A collaboration between content marketing and PR can ensure your content stand out in the digital space. To start, both teams must align with your company’s key messages. Then they should regularly collaborate on campaigns to ensure they are employing the same themes in the content they are producing.

DBL can help your PR team to upgrade with holistic content marketing plan. Contact us today for more information!

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