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Why Luxury Brands Should Care About Little Red Book?

If your brand targets at young Chinese females, you must understand the Little Red Book.


China’s expanding middle class and the younger generation are driving sales of the luxury consumption market. When it comes to marketing to these consumers, word-of-mouth is the most convincing approach. Therefore, a specialized platform that combines social, content and sales would be ideal to activate their whole customer journey. This is happening now in the Little Red Book.

What is the Little Red Book?

The Little Red Book, locally known as Xiao Hong Shu, is a social shopping app focusing on beauty, cosmetics, and fashion. With 70 million users, the app is now the world’s biggest word-of-mouth database and community e-commerce platform. Partnering with the most famous actress in China, Fan Bingbing, sponsoring the most popular tv show, Produce 101, along with many successful campaigns, this app is now on fire.

There are more categories than just beauty, cosmetics, fashion on the app, but the most talked about is still the big luxury brands. Chanel came out on top with 2.24 million mentions in 2016, with Dior following close behind at 2.14 million mentions. Meanwhile, Hugo Boss saw a 271 percent jump in mentions, with Bally and Max Mara both achieving growth of 133 percent.

little red bookWho are using it?

The social app targets at Chinese women aged 18-35. It helps them discover, learn about, and purchase mostly well-known beauty, cosmetics, and health products overseas that normally are difficult to find in China.

How to market your brand on it?

Unlike many social platforms, there is no paid ad on the Little Red Book (for now). Instead, it emphasizes authenticity by encouraging user-generated content. Users share their travel experiences, post their reviews on different products. They cannot add external links in their posts. But they can link to Little Red Book’s internal e-commerce page.

For brands to increase their social impact, working with influencers on Little Red Book is a cost-effective method. Depending on the budget, brands can activate different levels of KOLs (Key Opinion Leader). The best approach is to engage different levels of influencers. On one hand, macro-influencers can give you broad social reach, but demands bigger investment. Mid to micro-influencers, on the other hand, tend to have higher engagement and authenticity, for a lower price.


DBL has a database of more than 200 Little Red Book KOLs of different follower bases. Plus rich experience of working with fashion brands, we can help you to increase social impact through influencer marketing.

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