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5 Facts of China’s Post-00’s Generation’s Consumption Habits

You might not be a member of the Post-00's generation, but you should definitely know more about how they spend!


Who are the Post-00’s?

The Post-00’s generation refers to youths born from 2000 to 2009. Most of them are the only child of the family due to the One Child Policy in China. Meanwhile, their parents are the first generation of the same policy. This creates a special environment for the Post-00’s. They firstly benefit from the education system which kept improving in previous generations. Their parents are also more open-minded in terms of family values. The relationship between Post-00’s and their parents are more equal as well. Therefore they will express themselves freely with adults. Finally the Post-00’s is usually the centre of all family resources. This is why Post-00’s tend to ask their family for support on their own interests. All the above makes Post-00’s Generation’s Consumption Habits interesting to look into.

Post-00’s was once a sign of naivety but it is not the case anymore. The purchase power of Post-00’s generation is growing and marketers should not neglect them.

Tencent recently summed up the Post-00s generation’s consumption habits. We have gathered the main points for you, but you can also access the original report by Tencent here.

Post-00's Generation Consumption Habits

5 Facts on Post-00’s Generation’s Consumption Habits

1. Post-00’s are willing to invest in their own interests

Post-00’s are passionate about their own interests. Therefore they often admire brands and role models that are good at their fields. Moreover they do not only aim to be unique. They believe the brand and role model’s mission and stories are important. 60% of the interviewees think their favourite brands are leading in their fields. Also, 92% of them believe role models should persist their interests. Post-00’s are aiming for the same themselves as well. They find confidence from having rich knowledge and creation in a niche interest. So we can see 62% of them are willing to invest in their own interests with time and money.

2. They do not spend out of their capabilities

Spending beyond their capabilities is definitely not a trend among the Post-00’s. Instead they are fully aware of their own spending capabilities. 84% replied that they would not spend over what they can afford. They will also consider doing freelance or part time jobs to save more money for their interests.

3. Content on social media is a social tool

Post-00’s post on social media to interact with their peers. 60% of them consider social media as a method to facilitate interaction with friends. Above that, social media is also a platform to showcase their knowledge on their interests. Half of the Post-00’s publish content on social media to achieve just that.

4. Influencers have less impact on Post-00’s

Influencer marketing is doubtlessly the trend. Yet, this marketing strategy might not work so well for the Post-00’s. Only 16% of the Post-00’s think bloggers or live streamers make better product recommendations than celebrities. They think the influencers are too money-minded and not reliable when it comes to recommendations.

5. Local brands are as good as foreign brands

Foreign brands always seem to be more appealing? Not for the Post-00’s in China. Over half of them would not consider the origin of the brand when they make a purchase.

What should brands do to attract the Post-00’s?

The Post-00’s generation’s consumption habits are largely focused on their interests. So story telling and engaging content is definitely important elements brands should consider. Brands can stick to one specific interest as well to attract this generation. Domestic need is another part foreign brands should notice to achieve sustainable growth.

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