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Use Your Social Media to Boost Other Marketing Campaigns

Social media is not only a part of marketing strategy, but also a catalyst for other marketing activities.


It is no news today that social media is an inevitable element in marketing strategy. However, social media is not everything. Companies’ marketing budget should also include search optimization, video advertising, event, media buying, and much more. Social media marketing strategy is a cost-effective tool to expand and deepen your brand awareness. Since branding is one of the goals of marketing, you should link social media with the rest of the campaigns. Elevating every marketing campaign will help you get the most out of the limited budget.

Adweek has suggested companies can start with the following approaches:

social media marketing

Make events sharable

Research has shown that, most of the event attendees develop a more positive opinion after an event. Still, there are quite a number of brands fail to use social media in conjunction with their in-person events.

Companies can use social-friendly technology to maximize their event impact. For instance, installing a photo booth for visitors to share pictures. Remember to remind them to hashtag your brand!

Use social media to enhance the effect of word of mouth

Word of mouth is considered one of the most effective forms of marketing. To simplify the process of sharing for customers, marketers can provide tools and sharable content like video and pictures with hashtag ready.

Increase website engagement by sharing your blogs

Blogging can create inbound marketing opportunities. Sharing blogs on your social media channels will increase engagement on your company website. In addition, it builds trust in your social platform as a valuable resource.

Share your tv ads

Traditional TV ads can extend their life on YouTube. To do so, share these ad videos on your social channels. In general, social video generates an astounding 1,200 percent more shares than text and images combined. Combining traditional media buys with your social campaign will result in higher viewership and engagement for both the ad and your social accounts.


Social media can harvest incredible amounts of attention. Interact with your customers, provide them with fun, easily shareable content to broadcast to their networks. If you use social media marketing strategy in the right ways, it will elevate all your other marketing efforts and improve your ROI.

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