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How to Prevent Viewers from Skipping Your Ad?

Video advertising format needs to evolve so that viewers are not skipping your ad.


According to Adweek’s new research report, marketers who use video advertising still choose pre-roll as the main ad format. However, they also acknowledge how much this format disturbs the viewers. Now they are seeking alternatives to increase engagement and appear less intrusive.

pre roll

Why do viewers dislike pre-roll?

Consumers skip ads because it is “unengaging” and “intrusive.” This is because the displayed video ads are irrelevant to viewers’ interest or behaviour. It can also cause brand safety issues, with ads placed next to inappropriate content.

To solve the problem of pre-roll, advertisers turn to unskippable ads. More than eight out of ten advertisers find six-second ads effective.

The myth of the six-second ads

It is a big challenge to sell a story in six seconds. Especially for creatives who are used to video campaigns lasting between 15 to 30 seconds.

Innovative brands are exploring new ways to tell their stories. Learn from Ernest Hemingway, who famously wrote: For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn. Six seconds is not enough to tell a complete story, but at least it can get the viewer’s attention.

To make the most of different ad formats, advertisers can buy multiple lengths. These videos can be tailored to create a more cohesive experience. Try six-second ads as the icebreaker, 15-second to add details and long-form to build the story.

Call for a new video advertising format

It is without doubt that, new formats and new buying methods will emerge.

Native ad formats like outstream video may gain bigger impact. And other alternatives, such as in-image ads, that can leverage the storytelling of the six-second campaign may also turn mainstream. All formats are designed to engage consumers quickly, prevent them from clicking “skip” every time they see a video ad.

New metrics to measure video advertising results

Many brands and agencies are under greater pressure to deliver high view counts for their video ads. But the number of views doesn’t necessarily mean high engagement. Stop measuring video performance by views or by impressions. You should focus on engagement. Viewers don’t like ads when they interrupt. But they will finish watching them when they are entertaining, informative and engaging.

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