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Social Sellers in a Facebook Marketing Strategy in Asia

Social commerce is one of the hot topics in Asia digital marketing. Why is it useful for your Facebook marketing strategy?


Ever bought any products on social media? Social commerce has been in the field for some years, and Asian users are now more than comfortable with it. According to Bain, more than 80% of digital customers in Southeast Asia research products and interact with sellers on social platforms prior to their online purchase. Moreover, social commerce even accounts for 30% of total transactions in the region. So why is social commerce especially useful in Asian Facebook marketing campaigns?

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1. High mobile penetration rate

Both a high mobile penetration rate and heavy social media engagement contributes to the rapid development of social commerce in Asia. Over 90% of the population in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan own a mobile phone. Meanwhile, Asia has the largest number of active social media users in the world. The dependence on mobile and social networks creates a favorable environment for social commerce to grow.

2. Easily accessible

As mentioned above, Asian users are highly engaged in social media. A social network is a platform for users to obtain information and especially recommendations. Platforms such as WeChat has become an all-in-one app that is now a part of people’s lives. With social media built into daily lives, it is not surprising that Asia users adapt to buying on social platforms as well.

Furthermore, it is more profitable and convenient to sell on social media. Opening an account and uploading product information are the two only steps for the business to be ready. This is very favorable as sellers do not have to spend on rent and website maintenance. The nature of social media also facilitates the communication between customers and sellers, helping sellers to build a close relationship with their customers.

3. Impact of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is popular worldwide, but even more so in Asia. Influencers have a ready-made audience and they are often the source of information for purchases. Some influencers thus start to run their business on their social media accounts. On the other hand, brands can engage influencers in the cycle of social commerce by providing a purchase link or coupon code for their audience. As a collaboration with influencers is more cost-effective than traditional ad campaigns, more and more brands are activating influencers for social commerce.

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