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Top micro-influencers in Hong Kong for Q3 2018


For the first time ever, we are delighted to reveal our top 10 of Instagram micro-influencers in Hong Kong for the third quarter of 2018!

While we handled over 50 KOL campaigns in Hong Kong in the past 5 years, and a few across the globe, this top 10 is DBL’s own ranking of micro-influencers resulting of weeks of internal discussions, research, data collection, etc. This selection has been made by our team of experts through our LOKOL influencer network and based on content quality, community engagement, audience size (10K to 70k), and location (Hong Kong).

#1: @utahlee – Utah Lee –

Wife, mother of 2, Nike Master Trainer, Personal Trainer, and the list goes on. Utah could be the simple definition of “energy”, always on the move, multi-tasker, over-achiever, creative mind, she is a true tornado. Having witnessed Utah’s training session at IRIS: Your Escape, we can ensure that the enjoyment is real, while the challenge is undeniable. We selected her in our top 10 because of her ability to stay classy in all situations, she takes the time to reply to comments on her feed, and she shares a variety of high-quality content ranging from family fashion shots to training sessions or events she performed at.

Metrics of Utah Lee:

  • 26,000 followers on IG
  • 1 post/day on average
  • Engagement rate around 2%
  • Photo posts can go up to 900 likes and videos to 3,000 views
  • Content focus: fitness & fashion

Posts we love:

#2: @surrealhk – Tommy Fung

Introducing Hong Kong’s best surreal photographer and winner of the “Affordable Art Fair’s Discovery: Photography Prize competition”, Tommy Fung. After coming back from Venezuela to Hong Kong, Tommy started to share his surrealistic pictures of Hong Kong in 2017 via Instagram and the success propelled him in our top 10 influencers in Hong Kong without any second thought. The quality of Tommy’s pictures is professional-grade, he was exhibited earlier this year at the Hotel Jen in Sai Wan, a 10% + engagement rate is standard on most of the posts, and as an artist, he tries to raise the attention of the public on pollution and land occupation!

Metrics of Surrealhk:

  • 31,700 followers on IG & 7,739 on Facebook
  • 2 posts/week on average
  • Engagement rate around 8%
  • Photo posts can go up to 4,500 likes and videos to 28,000 views
  • Content focus: photography & Hong Kong culture

Posts we love:

#3: @mandeeeee – Mandeeeee – Youtube Channel

Here is to another hyperactive mother: Mandeeeee. With a Instagram account of 27k followers, a blog Mandeeeee Says and a recently launch Youtube Channel, Mandeeeee shares about style, makeup and her daily life of “modern Mommy” in Hong Kong. While sharing mainly in English and having an english-speaking audience (check out her comments), she can also share content in Traditional Chinese. We appreciate the quality of the pictures shared by Mandeeeee when she is exploring the city, cafés, restaurants, and shops with her son.

Metrics of Mandeeeee:

  • 27,100 followers on IG & 315 on YouTube
  • 1 post/day on average
  • Engagement rate around 6%
  • Photo posts can go up to 3,900 likes and videos to 3,000 views
  • Content focus: fashion & beauty

Posts we love:

#4: @keithleefitness – Keith Lee

As a lawyer, fitness enthusiast, health guru, Keith Lee is very serious about body building and shares inspirational posts to his 52K Instagram followers about working hard for their passion. Devoted to overcoming self limitations, and at the same time loves exploring delicacy. He believes that there are no conflicts between enjoying food and achieving the perfect body shape that he desires. He is the best choice as a representative for emanating positive vibes, conquering challenges and staying healthy.

Metrics of Keith Lee:

  • 52,100 followers on IG
  • 2 posts/day on average
  • Engagement rate around 2%
  • Photo posts can go up to 3,000 likes and videos to 35,000 views (yes, you read well)
  • Content focus: fitness & food

Posts we love:

#5: @t.css – Tony

Another person on top of our list is Tony, a photographer devoted to capturing the beauty he saw in his journeys. He takes special interest in architectures and has a knack for discovering the most exotic structures. We appreciate him having an exceptional eye for distinct angles in his photos. He is excellent if you are to cater to an audience with investment in travel, photography, or if you want to highlight your uniqueness. He also has a high engagement rate, about 10% per post!

Metrics of Tony:

  • 12,600 followers on IG
  • 2 posts/week on average
  • Engagement rate around 10%
  • Photo posts can go up to 3,700 likes
  • Content focus: urban photography & architecture

Posts we love:

#6: @b.bbbin – Bingo Wong

Bingo has a wide variety of interest including, food, fashion and travel, but what makes her stand out is her personal experience in various beauty products. She is skillful in sharing ideas and reviews about cosmetics she has tried, by incorporating in her own rationale in using them, combined with gracefully executed shots. The photos radiate a dreamlike ambience with a youthful mood. Bingo mainly shares her content in Traditional Chinese but she can do so in English as well.

Metrics of Bingo:

  • 10,300 followers on IG
  • 1 post/day on average
  • Engagement rate around 3%
  • Photo posts can go up to 900 likes and videos to 2,100 views
  • Content focus: beauty & lifestyle

Posts we love:

#7: – Issac –

Another traveller and photographer—Issac—sets his eyes on the urban scene. Aside from sharing the fantastic destinations he has encountered on Instagram and Facebook, he also owns a personal website 1.7.0 for others to further delve into his portfolio. His photos are full of vibrant colors and are paired with correlating content, sometimes with inspiring quotes and some with emotions brought out by the scene. Issac experiments with various themes and the aerial shots are just plain breathtaking, we couldn’t take our eyes off all the details captured in a small frame, and this is the reason why you should choose him.

Metrics of Issac:

  • 22,300 followers on IG
  • 1 post/day on average
  • Engagement rate around 3%
  • Photo posts can go up to 6,800 likes and videos to 222,000 views (just wow)
  • Content focus: travel & beautiful destinations

Posts we love:

#8: @vthechan – Vicky Chan

Actress, fashionista, blogger, host, beauty pageant awardee…Vicky is a multi-achiever and identifies with various roles. She is a frequent guest of numerous events and conventions ranging from brand openings, awareness-raising campaigns, premières, corporate and charity events. Apart from beauty and fashion, she also advocates for healthy lifestyle and women empowerment. With this versatile nature, we believe that she is suitable for a wide scale of promotions including upscale and beauty products.

Metrics of Vicky Chan:

  • 68,200 followers on IG
  • 2 posts/day on average
  • Engagement rate around 2%
  • Photo posts can go up to 4,400 likes and videos to 128,000 views
  • Content focus: beauty & luxury

Posts we love:

#9: @alaninfinity – Alan Wong

Here is to another photographer Alan, who is also a foodie. He likes participating in photography contests and was selected as the Editor’s Favorite Submission (week 6) by the National Geography! You can find more of his work on EyeEm for a price for use in social media, web and many other functions. His portfolio includes both the urban and natural scene, but one eye-catching trait in Instagram is his couple-themed shots. Tutorials and hacks on photo taking and editing are also mixed in. We selected him for his talent in tinkering with light and color, and one even gained 16% engagement rate!

Metrics of Alan Wong:

  • 13,900 followers on IG
  • 1 post/day on average
  • Engagement rate around 9%
  • Photo posts can go up to 2,300 likes
  • Content focus: travel & photography

Posts we love:

#10: @samanthastaynings – Samantha

Starting out as a model from a young age, Samantha is now a full time model who participates in acting and TV hosting. She is very active on Instagram and shares contents about food during her world trip, beauty routines and modeling life paired with her portraits. Samantha has also appeared in well-known Magazines such as Elle. It will be a blast to have her promote your beauty and lifestyle products.

Metrics of Samantha:

  • 26,700 followers on IG
  • 1 post/day on average
  • Engagement rate around 4%
  • Photo posts can go up to 3,497 likes and videos to 7,500 views
  • Content focus: lifestyle & beauty

Posts we love:

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