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4 Facebook Ad Features You Shouldn’t Miss in 2019

To stand out from millions of ads shown everyday, you have to keep up with the most recent features in order to outshine your competitors. Let us introduce you the coolest updates from Facebook Ads!


With 2.23 billion active users each month, Facebook is still the most visited social network site in 2018. This implies that your ads are constantly shown to your intended audience and potential costumers (if done properly). Bad news is, not only you know about this, so as your competitors. So how do you stand out from the competition? Always keep yourself updated and use the newest Facebook ad features.

Here are 4 Facebook ad formats that are sure to entice and attract your target audience! The first two on the list—Facebook Stories Ads and Playable Ads—are already available in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the remaining two formats are expected to arrive in 2019.

1. Facebook Stories Ads

Now there are about 400 million users of Instagram Stories per day. Facebook recognizes the users’ strong preference for engaging and dynamic content, hence supports businesses to run ads on Facebook Stories.

The format is similar to Instagram, so it is easy for you to reuse assets already made for Instagram stories. It also broadens your ad coverage and reaches more audience as there are currently over 150 million daily users.

2. Facebook Playable Ads

If you are a game developer, Facebook’s newly launched Playable Ads is something you are excited about! Potential players not only see a preview of your game, they also get a taste of how the game works. This leads to a higher probability of them playing your game after the initial installation, and in turn making your Facebook ads more cost-effective. Facebook is also working on retention optimization, which can help you identify high-value users based on their engagement frequency with the game, and hence improving your ROI.

3. Instagram Stories Shoppable Tags

As mentioned above, Instagram Stories is a powerful tool that can reach hundreds of millions of people every day. Now imagine this number of people watching your Stories combined with the in-app purchasing feature…

However, you may want to pay attention to some limitations. Only 1 product can be tagged for each story, while unanimated posts and carousels can have up to 5 and 20 tags respectively. Also, it is only currently available in Japan and Korea for Asia, among the 54 countries in total.

4. Facebook Augmented Reality Ads

Another Facebook ad format you should anticipate is the Augmented Reality ads. According to the Boston Consulting Group, there are currently over 80 million US users engaging with AR per month. This number is estimated to expand beyond 120 million by 2021. It reflects enormous consumer potential for products that can be virtually tried on, e.g. cosmetics and accessories. AR ads will appear on the Facebook Newsfeed, embedded with a Call-to-Action button that allows a frictionless transit from product trial/browsing to in-app purchase or download. But for now, Facebook is still testing this feature on products from various industries, and we will have to wait for its official launch for advertisers.

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