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Facebook’s new competitor of Tik Tok: Lasso!

One of the most downloaded apps in the world, Tik Tok/Douyin, has more than 150 million active users per month. The Chinese short video app has rapidly established its presence across the globe, especially in regions like Japan. More and more brands are implementing social media strategies on Tik Tok, such as Airbnb and Michael Kors. In order to replicate its success, Facebook is now developing Lasso, a new video music app.


According to TechCrunch, Facebook originally designed Lasso to compete with Before China’s ByteDance acquired, Facebook formed a research team to examine the music app. However, they stopped the research based on impressions that it was not well-liked. But in fact, it already had 60 million monthly users during the time.

Lasso will be similar to Tik Tok, in terms of users recording themselves lip-syncing or dancing to songs. Since Facebook made licensing agreements with all major record labels, this eliminates problems regarding copyright infringement. Users can create videos with the latest hits, and share them on Lasso.

Facebook’s principal product designer, Brady Voss, will lead the Video and Watch team to develop the new app. As an expert of cameras and video effects, Voss created the Montage feature for Facebook in 2016.  The effect breaks down a motion into multiple still images, and merge them together into a single photo.

Montage designed by Brady Voss.
Source: TechCrunch


One key element in Tik Tok’s success is the various editing tools, such as music, filters, transition effects etc. These allow amateurs to create videos easily and turn ordinary matters into something funny. Once Facebook comes up with comparable effects for Lasso and grabs the audience’s attention, it will be a superb platform for marketing campaigns!

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