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3 Things Chinese Influencers Do to Win Over Fans

Chinese KOLs can generate millions of sales figures within a short amount of time, but it's not because of their massive followers.


Headlines like “100 cars (USD 35K each) sold out in 5 minutes” showcase the huge consumption potential of Chinese customers. A key factor in these accomplishments is the influencer of Chinese KOLs who are able to drive their fans to finish the purchase. Here are some tips shared by Chinese KOLs on how to win loyal fans.

Adopt consumer-centric approach

Influencers should be loyal to their fans and not to their brands. Chinese handbags expert Mr. Bags states the importance of remaining objective when trying a new product. He positions himself as a mediator who listens to fans’ feedbacks and then provides recommendations to the brands. Last year, he collaborated with Longchamp and designed a mini-sized bag oriented towards Asian females’ fitting.

Maintain personal relationship with fans

Another way to retain fans is to be more interactive, by giving them a platform to express themselves. Lifestyle KOL Becky Li let her fans post “transformation” photos to showcase how well they look after hairstyle makeover. Meanwhile, Mr. Bags holds regular fan meetings inside and outside of China to introduce the latest items and give away gifts. Only a lucky few are selected based on their proof of purchase of the most recent luxury bags. Allowing interaction between fans and KOLs help creating a community, and hence keeping the fans.

Image Source: Jing Daily – Mr. Bags meeting with fans

Know important numbers by heart

Understanding the composition of one’s fan base is also crucial to KOLs for reasons like content creation and sales generation. By understanding the demographics of their fanbase, influencers are finding the best storytelling angle. Moreover, the interpretation of big data derived from sales figures helps KOLs to correlate with what their fans like to read, to what products they actually buy, etc. Mastering these data will allow the influencers to monetize their content and get to the next step with their audience!

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