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Instagram Testing New Profile Formats

Instagram will update its profile formats for both regular and business accounts in the near future, here is the breakdown of the possible new features.


Instagram plans to reform its profile format for both regular and business accounts. Since it is still in the A/B testing stage, only some users will see the change at this stage. Instagram aims to provide account holders an easier and cleaner way to enjoy the app, by rearranging the profile image, buttons, adding new Call-to-Actions etc.

For regular accounts

In general, the position of the profile picture, account name and bio will be adjusted. Your account name will be moved to the top of the page, landing directly beside the profile image. Number of followers and following will no longer occupy the most prominent position, but placed under the bio.

For the accounts that you are not following, there will be an additional CTA button “Message”. Just like Facebook, you can message and communicate with others without having to follow them on Instagram.

Before                                                                                   After

Image Source: Brother Cream

Image Source: Instagram’s Blog







Moreover, Instagram is presenting mutual followers and following accounts in a more noticeable manner. Regular users are able to discover common friends and shared interests easier. If this feature is available for business profiles, companies can have new ways to know more about their audience. By understanding the interests of your followers, you can plan possible collaborations or develop content related to certain subjects.

Image Source: Instagram’s Blog

Additional change for business accounts

Compared to regular accounts, there are significantly more CTAs for business profiles. Buttons like Start Order, Email provides a direct channel between customers and companies for business transactions. Users no longer need to go through troublesome steps, such as finding the directions by clicking in the website. Although not all of these CTAs might stay in the final release, you can still anticipate these new additions.

Image Source: Instagram’s Blog


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