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All you need to know about WeChat Live Streaming

One of the best ways to gain instant reactions and engagement from the audience is to leverage live streaming, and this function is now available on WeChat.  


Brands and companies are always finding ways to better engage their audience to obtain valuable insights about their behaviors and interests. This helps them understand what makes their customers tick and subsequently facilitates the sales conversion process. So with WeChat Live Streaming’s imminent availability for Official Accounts, brands will have a new channel to achieve their goals.

What will you gain from implementing WeChat Live Streaming?

  • Learn the viewers’ sentiments instantly through their comments and reactions.
  • Receive insights on what customers regard as important when selecting products (e.g. when introducing different colors of the latest lipstick, customers may focus on how long-lasting the lipsticks are).
  • Brands can obtain honest feedback, learn customers’ preferences and behaviors.

How to leverage the new function?

  • Collaborate with WeChat influencers to facilitate sales conversion.
  • Select influencers with an established reputation and have a close relationship with their followers so viewers will trust these KOLs for product recommendations and reviews.
  • In order to boost impulse purchasing, pair live streaming up with WeChat’s mini-program Mall.

WeChat live streaming

Image source: @tencentlive_helper

How does WeChat Live Streaming works?

The live streaming function is not directly integrated into WeChat’s system but rather done through linking the Tencent Live app with WeChat as a Mini Program. Thus, live streaming hosts will need to download the Tencent Live app from IOS Apple Store, then connect it with their WeChat Official Account.

wechat live streaming apple store

Hosts can share their live streaming information in the format of a Mini Program code automatically generated by Tencent Live, in articles and direct conversations. Viewers do not need to download extra apps as the Mini-program already exists in the WeChat ecosystem. They can simply click on the code and subscribe to watch the upcoming live stream.

WeChat live streaming

Image source: 36kr

Apart from hosting and watching the live stream, Tencent Live also has other functions such as setting specific viewers as the admin for the purpose of monitoring.

How to apply for WeChat Live Streaming?

Users need to follow the Official Account @tencentlive_helper and provide the following information for verification. This process takes approximately 3 days.

*Update in 2020: Uses no longer can apply via @tencentive_helper. But instead, add the contact of one of the following 5 Tencent authorized service providers. Then obtain a QR code from them to apply for the live streaming after submitting the required information.

  1. Official Account ID
  2. Number of followers of Official account
  3. Screenshot of the Official Account page, clearly showing item #2.
  4. Photo of the personal ID used to register for the Official Account
  5. Legal person’s ID
  6. Business license
  7. Chinese mobile number
  8. Additional information may be requested

wechat live streaming

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