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Digital Gift Cards for Christmas to drive business in the pandemic


According to Google Trend, did you know that consumers’ interest in “digital gift card” for Christmas spikes dramatically in December, while there is an increasing trend in the global digital gift card industry over the past 5 years? Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, have you considered leveraging social media digital gift cards to generate revenue around the holiday season?

Let’s explore the benefits of adding a digital gift card to your business’ Facebook page and Instagram profile!

#1 Drive business through social media around the Christmas shopping season 

💡Interesting fact: 73% of adults decided to purchase at least one prepaid gift card for holiday shopping.

Holiday shoppers can purchase gift cards online to use for themselves or as a gift at your business. As the crisis has introduced unexpected shifts in consumer behavior – “The new consumer”,  40% of consumers have tried new brands during the pandemic, proves that consumer appetite for choice has widened; meanwhile around 1/3 of consumers are planning to rely on social media to explore new ideas and research for holiday shopping. Hence, digital gift cards for Christmas could be an opportunity to reach new consumers through personalized campaigns on social media.

 #2 Alternative income stream during the pandemic crisis

Social media digital gift cards could help to shield businesses from the revenue loss impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns. With retailers forced to close their physical stores, they are obviously losing out significantly without their regular foot traffic and need options to generate revenue. Considering this, a social media digital gift card for Christmas is a good option especially for those that sell services, giving loyal customers more ways to support the businesses they love amid the crisis.

Source: Gift Card Statistics – Mageplaza

#3 Connect with customers in a new way

Social media digital gift card enables customers to support businesses in a new way. By spreading the word on multiple social channels, it helps businesses to stay in touch with their best customers, reach new people, and raise awareness through social commerce at a low marketing cost. 

#4 Encourage return visits

💡Interesting fact: Customers who pay with gift cards usually spend more, around 38% higher than the face value of their cards.

As consumers can redeem their digital gift card in full or in part, at present or in the future in person, it provides them ‘membership’ value and thus locks in their next couple visits spend in advance.

📝 Checklist: Get more eyes on your digital gift card!

1. Add a purchase gift card action button to both your Instagram profile and Facebook Page.

Requirements to enable gift cards on Instagram:

  • an Instagram business or creator account
  • set up service with a partner

2. Add a “Gift Cards” sticker to your Instagram story and engage more consumers!

As explained by Instagram:

“Businesses can share new gift card stickers in Stories and on their profiles. When customers see gift cards, they can tap to make their purchase through our partner’s site and then receive their gift card via email.“

3. Create a Facebook post & an Instagram post that shares the link to your gift card.

4. Set up a custom Facebook Messenger greeting to let more customers know about the gift card.

For business: Offer gift cards on Facebook and Instagram in 3 simple steps!

Currently available in Oceania, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore.

1️⃣  Set up an account with a Facebook partner according to your region.

2️⃣  Add a digital gift card button on your Facebook Page and Instagram profile so customers can easily take action.

3️⃣  Spread the word and attract business with the above checklist! 

For detailed instructions on the setup process with the gift card partner you choose, please visit the Facebook Business Learn Centre.

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