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2020 Holiday Social Media Insights to boost engagement and conversions


This article will share the key big shifts in consumers’ shopping behavior with you according to Google’s first-hand data, and our holiday social media insights for better anticipation and a practical approach towards the shopping season to boost engagement and conversions.

Previously, we briefly mentioned how the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted customers’ behavior and may affect the upcoming holiday shopping trend. While undoubtedly the holidays will look different this year,
it will continue to be a season of peak demand and a prime time to connect with shoppers digitally.
What is motivating them to shop?

Source: McKinsey Insights – 2020 Holiday Season Navigating shopper behaviors in the pandemic

#1 BETTER PRICE: Be ready for more price-conscious shoppers

While deal-seeking behavior is not new, COVID-19 has led to increased shoppers looking for value in terms of quality and price. According to Google Data, shoppers seek deals due to tighter budgets, which searches for “best affordable” had grown globally by over 60% year over year.

🌟 Holiday social media insights:

  • More than ever you need to clearly communicate on budget reduction, free shipping, limited promotion, etc…
  • Maximize the exposure of your promotions on social media! While making sure your holiday sales are visible to consumers,  why not injecting holiday spirits into your promotional content?
    By tapping into consumers’ FOMO, a count-down to Christmas campaign could be a quick and easy trick to boost your followers’ engagement and conversion.


1️⃣  Read more about different kinds of offers and discounts.

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#2 BETTER VALUE: Be ready for the purpose-driven shoppers

In these unsettling times, consumers are getting selective about the values of brands or companies.
They tend to purchase with retailers who align with their values, for instance, brands or companies that show care during the pandemic, demonstrate sustainability or eco-friendliness values, especially for the Gen Z and millennials consumer segment. Besides, after a year of chaos, consumers are looking for a notion of reward and relief.
At the same time, people are also eager to help each other and give back by supporting local businesses.

🌟 Holiday social media insights:

  • Keep in mind that your future customers may only spend a few seconds on your videos or posts. Communicate, highlight, and emphasize your brand values clearly to spike sales.!
  • Tap into Consumer Sentiments! Remember, people go on social media platforms for emotional connections instead of coming for logical decisions. Hence it is essential to curate messages that hit their emotional button through your social media marketing campaign.

Air Canada’s #ACGiftofHome was a Christmas social media campaign of hope and bought tears to everyone living abroad.

#3 DIGITAL CONTENT: Be ready for the sophisticated online research shoppers

More than ever, shoppers are relying on digital channels to thoroughly browse, explore, research before they plan a purchase or store visit. According to Google, there is an increase in searches for inspirations, ideas, and comparisons throughout the pandemic. What are digital marketers’ opportunities to capture consumers’ engagement and enrich their online research journey through social media?

🌟 Holiday social media insights:

  • Create a sophisticated gift guide on Instagram Guides! The new Instagram feature provides online researchers with an easy-to-digest format to share and consume helpful recommendations and tips!
  • To help your shoppers finding the information and products they need, you can create a separate Christmas guide for families, men, women, children, and even pets!
    Good news: this feature is now rolled out to all users!

#4 DIGITAL NEWCOMERS: Be ready for a strong online shopping appetite 

More consumers are going online to buy for the first time, including trying new services or brands. 37% of consumers intend to spend more online during the holidays this year than last year. Social media is merging with online shopping, while consumers are continually browsing, exploring, sharing, and engaging with different content forms.
Question: how to drive immediate conversion along the consumers’ social media journey?

🌟 Holiday social media insights:

  • Reassurance icons (secure payment etc…), delivery guarantee before Christmas, 24h service after sales are more important than ever to engage with these new newcomers.
  • Activate all the shoppable content! In the new-age shopping venue, never underestimate the role shoppable social media is playing to drive conversion. When consumers come across content (images, videos, etc.) that ignites a feeling to purchase the displayed products, the shoppable visual content feature offers a seamless experience to buy the product immediately, merely in a few clicks.

ZARA, the leading global fashion retailer, is ahead of the race on leveraging shoppable social media.
They have turned their Instagram profile into a shoppable venue by merging the point of inspiration to sales through content. By tagging products into their Instagram posts, their massive following of 41.9 million followers can get inspiration, discover new products, and make purchases using Instagram only.


1️⃣  Add product tags to your Instagram posts

2️⃣  Add product stickers to Instagram stories

3️⃣  Tag products in your Facebook post

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