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Key FinTech Influencers in Asia for 2021


Following up on the previous release of the key crypto influencers list in Asia, the FinTech industry was among the few bright spots in Asia. Turbocharged by the pandemic, numerous individuals, SMEs and companies turned digital, in turn driving surge demand for financial services. The development of this regional ecosystem can be observed in waves – firstly from a rise of virtual banking, digital currencies, payment services, to e-wallets, followed by lending, RegTech, and InsurTech.

While China and India continue to be the largest FinTech ecosystems based on investments and number of start-ups, Singapore leads the way as a FinTech hub in the Southeast Asian region, other countries are also making much progress through regional collaborations. Observing the booming FinTech start-ups, innovation corporate partnerships and transformations, national FinTech associations, or accelerator programs,  we have shortlisted a list of quality FinTech Influencers from key regions in Asia who are actively involved in growing and developing the ecosystem here.

This list of  FinTech influencers was picked from in-house research and include startup founders, government and regulatory leaders, members of financial institutions and advocacy group.

  • #1-5 covers Twitter profiles with additional insights about the influencers’ influence score and demographic of followers on their main channels, via media and intelligence tools powered by Meltwater.
  • #6-10 covers Linkedln profiles from key regions in Asia based on their audience size and content engagement.

#1 India – Vijay Shekhar Sharma@vijayshekhar

Founder – One97 & Paytm

  • Influence: 93/100
  • Followers: Twitter – 419.8K  | Linkedln – 55.3K
  • Location: India
  • True Reach: 86.9K
  • Top locations of Audience: India | Singapore | US | UK
  • Average audience age: 27
  • Audience average income: $12,092
  • Content focus: Fintech, digital payment, and digital sovereignty

#2 Hong Kong – Trinh Nguyen – @trinhnomics

Senior Economist, Emerging Asia at Natixis

  • Influence: 80/100
  • Followers: Twitter – 57K | Linkedln – 3.7K
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • True Reach: 5K
  • Top locations of Audience: Asia | US
  • Average audience age: 25
  • Audience average income: $29,455
  • Content focus: Global economical trends and digital economy

#3 India – Monica Jasuja – @jasuja

Head Of Product Management – Mobile Financial Solutions at Comviva.

  • Influence: 77/100
  • Followers: Twitter – 11.6K | Linkedln – 9.5K
  • Location: India
  • True Reach: 2.9K
  • Top locations of Audience: India | US
  • Average audience age: 28
  • Audience average income: $16,003
  • Content focus: Payments, digital economy, financial services and Fintech

#4 Hong Kong – Helene Li – @helene_wpli

General Manager – Fintech Association of Hong Kong.
A leading voice on Sustainable Finance, DigitalTransformation, and Fintech, TEDx Speaker, Top Financial Services Influencer in APAC, LinkedIn Power Profile, Top 2 Sustainable Finance Influencer globally.

  • Influence: 73/100
  • Followers: Twitter – 31.6K | Linkedln – 10.1K
  • Location: Hong Kong | Singapore
  • True reach up to 1.3K
  • Top locations of audience: Australia | India | Global
  • Audience average age: 31 years old
  • Audience average income: $41,285/yearly
  • Content focus: Sustainable finance, digital transformation and Fintech

#5 Hong Kong – Jennifer Zhu Scott@jenzhuscott

Executive Chairman of The Commons Project. Forbes World’s Top 50 Women in Tech (2018).
TED Speaker (Why We Should Get Paid for Our Data).
Council Member of the Data Policy Council and the Future of Blockchain Council @ World Economic Forum.

  • Influence: 71/100
  • Followers: Twitter – 17.8K | Linkedln – 6.9K
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • True reach up to 1.1K
  • Top locations of audience: China | India | Hong Kong | Global
  • Audience average age: 29 years old
  • Audience average income: $41,414/yearly
  • Content focus: Artificial Intelligence, data ownership and FinTech

#6 Japan – Norbert Gehrke@norbertgehrke

Founder & Representative Director at Tokyo FinTech. Host of eXponential Finance Podcast.
Previously Managing Director in Technology at Goldman Sachs & Barclays.

  • Followers: Linkedln – 32K
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Content focus: FinTech, digital payment and Japan financial market

#7 Hong Kong – Benjamin Quinlan – @benjamin-quinlan

CEO and Managing Partner – Quinlan & Associates, Chairman of FinTech Association of Hong Kong, Mentor at Ping An FinTech Accelerator, Guest Contributor for eFinancialCareers and Regulation Asia.

  • Followers: Linkedln – 30.1K
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Content focus: Digital innovations | Fintech | Financial Service

#8: India – Amit Goel@amitpayments

Founder of MEDICI (A leading Global FinTech insights platform – Bloomberg for FinTech).
Consistently rated as both Global and Asia Top 100 experts in FinTech by various agencies.

#9 Vietnam – David Jimenez Maireles@davidjimenezmaireles

CXO & co-founder at TNEX (A digital only-bank focused on building the first Super App Made in Vietnam)
FinTech builder. Recognized as one of the Top 15 FinTech influencers.

#10 Singapore – Chia Hock Lai@chiahocklai

Founding President, Singapore Fintech Association.
Co-Chairman, Blockchain Association Singapore. Founding board member, Global Fintech Institute.

  • Followers: Linkedln – 13.7K
  • Location: Singapore
  • Content focus: FinTech, blockchain and digital transformation
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