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Top 10 NFT influencers on Twitter & YouTube for 2021


This year, the digital art craze has exploded. In this mission, NFTs play a vital role and their influence can already be felt. The power of NFTs to open new kinds of creation and ownership is being recognized by industries such as branding, fashion, gaming, and music. It’s quite normal if you’re reading this post and have no idea what a non-fungible token is, and here’s a good source to learn more about them.

The traditional art world has been shattered by NFT visionaries, artists, and influencers. Here are examples of some exceedingly popular or growing purpose-driven NFT collections such as World Of Women, featuring a collection of diverse women, aiming to bring diversity, inclusivity, and promote women’s empowerment. There is also this cute Baby Walrus Gang that commits to raising awareness of ocean wildlife protection and fund on ocean conservation foundations.

The social media landscape in the NFT space

In terms of market outlook, NFTs are gaining massive traction in western markets. While they are still in the education phase in Asian markets, we can observe emerging efforts and awareness. For instance, Digital Art Fair and NFT galleries in Hong Kong, new Asian players entering the NFT space such as Singapore’s top virtual influencer, Rae with significant followers on Instagram and Weibo, and EVOS Esports – the number 1 esports organization in Southeast Asia.

In the social media landscape of the NFT world, most of the engagement occurs on the most crypto-friendly platforms – YouTube and Twitter. Influencer marketing plays a significant role in the decentralized NFT community and is dispersed across the globe, which Asian markets are also keeping up to date from global influencers. Digital Business Lab shortlisted the key 10 NFT influencers across the world by different segments. It covers Twitter and YouTube profiles as the primary channel with additional insights about the influencers’ engagement rate and demographic of followers via media and intelligence tools powered by Upfluence.


#1 @mcuban – Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is a multibillionaire American entrepreneur, media mogul, and NFT investor. With 8.5 million Twitter followers and millions of people watching him on TV, his influence in the crypto area, and more lately the NFT sphere, is huge.

  • Followers: Twitter – 8.5M
  • Audience gender: Male – 55% | Female – 45%
  • Average audience age: 25-34


#2 @JRNYcrypto – Tony JRNY

The founder of JRNY Crypto, Tony JRNY, writes on Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, FinTech, and finance. He provides his audiences with the most up-to-date crypto news and videos.

#3 @elliotrades – EllioDAO

EllioDAO is a project founder, NFT influencer, and Crypto YouTuber. He is a trend driver of the NFT ecosystems, who actively supports other NFT players & artists to enter the market.

  • Followers: Twitter – 374.4K
  • YouTube average views: 64K
  • YouTube average engagement rate: 9.4%

#4 @muratpakMurat Pak

Murat Pak is one of the largest and second top-selling digital artists. In fact, he was the one who inspired Beeple (the top-selling NFT artist, widely known as Picasso of digital art) to enter the NFT space one year ago. His identity remains a mystery and hence was titled by the crypto community as “Satoshi of crypto art”.

#5 @punk6529

As an NFT investor and collector, he is the owner of a very famous NFT collection. He delivers valuable and objective insights about the NFT space especially on the blue-chip potentials on Twitter.

#6 @TheBitcoinExpressThe Bitcoin Express

The Bitcoin Express is a YouTube influencer who started posting educational content about Crypto and NFT in late 2019. He was also one of the first influencers to talk about artists selling their music with NFTs. His channels have a diverse audience and deliver quality video content such as tutorials, guides, reviews, analysis, and breaking news related to the industry.


#7 @kokid951 – Keith “NFT kid” Berry

He is an active NFT influencer on Twitter, who frequently stirs up engaging conversation among his community and promotes the latest NFT projects.

#8 Giancarlo buys tokens

As an active YouTube influencer, Giancarlo focuses on delivering authentic knowledge and general education about NFTs, such as how to avoid scams or conduct in-depth research and analysis instead of doing paid promotions.

#9 @thebrettway – Brett Malinowski

As an NFT influencer and project founder, Brett shares quality analysis recommends NFT projects and has recently started his own project on bringing new features to his audiences to the NFT world.

#10 @ryandcrypto – RyandCrypto

Ryan shares accurate analysis and promotes NFT projects to his community as a reference to can make the most informed decisions possible when determining a project’s potentials.

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