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Top Crypto Exchange Influencers in Hong Kong: 2022


Cryptocurrency and digital assets are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong; such accelerated mass adoption is accompanied by a boom in options of crypto exchange platforms available. As a crypto exchange platform to stay ahead of the game and stand out among the rest, it is critical to understand all of the licensing and registration requirements for dealing in cryptocurrency as a business in Hong Kong and identify the suitable social media and the right influencers.

To guide the crypto exchange companies in Hong Kong, we have shortlisted a list of quality Crypto Influencers from Hong Kong that we find exceptional, insightful, and engaging. It covers YouTube profiles with additional insights about the influencers’ true reach and demographic of followers on their main channels via the leading influencer marketing platform Upfluence.

#1 Ah Ju阿豬 Ah Ju

Ah Ju is a YouTube dedicated general finance guy who uploads videos on stocks and crypto.

Recommendation Rationale: As a general finance KOL who educates his audience on a wide variety of topics, including crypto and stock trading, his word as a KOL will be trusted, and his credibility can be piggybacked off to sell a financial platform. He is extremely popular, and his viewership is very high for HK Tradfi standards – the highest even.

  • Subscribers: 131,000
  • Average engagement rate: 6.50% 
  • Expected CPV: $0.03 USD 
  • Average viewers: 80,000 
  • Average likes: 5,200
  • Most popular video: 214,000 views

#2 RainisHere – RainIsHere

RainIsHere is a YouTube channel dedicated to general finance and stocks (it also discusses crypto).
Recommendation Rationale: An ex-banker, RainIsHere, is suited to exchange since the uptrend of crypto is becoming more mainstream, and as the average investor begins to incorporate crypto into their investment portfolios, RainIsHere can be used as an outlet to convince investors to join the crypto wave. Furthermore, her status as an ex-banker gives more credibility to her recommendations than the average KOL. Her content has touched on traditional finance and crypto, meaning that a collaboration with an exchange would remain authentic. 

  • Subscribers: 136,000
  • Average engagement rate: 4.45% 
  • Expected CPV: $0.04 USD 
  • Average viewers: 55,000 
  • Average likes: 2,400
  • Most popular video: 308,000 views

#3 每日幣研 DesmondDesmond

Desmond is a general crypto influencer in Hong Kong who touches on a variety of topics such as blockchain news, NFTs, and cryptocurrency.
Recommendation Rationale: Desmond is suitable for a crypto exchange because he is one of the few relatively large dedicated crypto content creators in Hong Kong. His content is diverse, and he is seen as an expert on all things crypto/web3. By partnering with Desmond, you can gain a valuable ambassador in the Hong Kong crypto space.

  • Subscribers: 36,000
  • Average engagement rate: 3.33% 
  • Expected CPV: $0.07 USD 
  • Average viewers: 8,200 
  • Average likes: 273
  • Most popular video: 70,000 views

#4 Invest Man – Invest Man

Invest Man is a crypto influencer who specialises in metaverse/NFTs.
Recommendation Rationale: As a metaverse/web3 expert, Invest Man could be a key to unlocking any web3/metaverse topics that an exchange may be interested in. Not only does he talk about NFTs, but he also discusses altcoins, giving his content a good variety of touching points.

  • Subscribers: 12,000
  • Average engagement rate: 3.00% 
  • Expected CPV: $0.14
  • Average viewers: 2,700 
  • Average likes: 80
  • Most popular video: 32,000 views

#5 Crypto Clev – 你的幣圈、NFT 、Gamefi介紹專員 Crypto Clev

Crypto Clev – 你的幣圈、NFT 、Gamefi介紹專員 is a crypto influencer focusing on NFT/metaverse content.
Recommendation Rationale: As an influencer, Crypto Clev is focused on NFTs, specifically, gamefi. He is an ideal influencer to partner with if your brand wants to take the next step into the metaverse, especially if those steps involve a play-to-earn game.

  • Subscribers: 7,800
  • Average engagement rate: 2.82%
  • Expected CPV: $0.5
  • Average viewers: 632 
  • Average likes: 44
  • Most popular video: 48,000 views

#6 啤啤財務自由頻道 – Bear Bear – Bear Bear

啤啤財務自由頻道 – Bear Bear is a crypto influencer dedicated to NFTs.
Recommendation Rationale: Bear Bear is an all-around NFT enthusiast and expert. Her content focuses on NFT and discusses the biggest NFT projects both in Hong Kong and globally. She would be an ideal partner for an exchange trying to promote their NFT platform.

  • Subscribers: 3,100
  • Average engagement rate: 3.59%
  • Expected CPV: $0.42
  • Average viewers: 767 
  • Average likes: 27
  • Most popular video: 36,000 views

#7 BlockDailyHK 區塊日報 – BlockDailyHK

BlockDailyHK 區塊日報 is a crypto/blockchain YouTube TV-style Channel that focuses on market updates and general crypto news in Hong Kong.
Recommendation Rationale: As a media platform, rather than just a single influencer, an exchange partnership would further legitimise the channel, which would have a positive cyclical effect on the exchange. The more legitimate one of your partners is, the better it is for the exchange. This channel covers a wide breadth of topics but has recently focused on NFTs.

  • Subscribers: 2,700
  • Average engagement rate: 1.87% 
  • Expected CPV: $0.15
  • Average viewers: 2,400 
  • Average likes: 44
  • Most popular video: 106,000 views
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