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Top 5 Female Influencers in Indonesia in 2022


Indonesia has a population of over 260 million and is the fourth most populous country in the world. With such a large population, it’s no wonder that Indonesia is a significant player in the global digital landscape. The country’s e-commerce industry alone is worth $13 billion and growing fast, so if you have plans to target this audience, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with who they are listening to online. Whether you work in brand marketing or are an influencer looking to collaborate with brands, having knowledge of key players in the Indonesian market can come in handy.

This article will introduce you to the 5 top female influencers in Indonesia, hand-picked by our in-house Indonesian social media specialist! It covers Instagram profiles about the influencers’  engagement rate and demographic of followers on their main channel via the leading influencer marketing platform Upfluence with the following key insights:

  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers.
  • Saturation rate: Number of brand mentions over all posts made by the influencer, expressed in a percentage.
  • Post effectiveness: Effectiveness of a sponsored post compared to a non-sponsored post in terms of average engagement rate.

Previously, we have explored the key cultural facts and social media penetration in Indonesia. Similar to other Southeast Asian countries, Indonesians value the concept of “face”, which refers to a person’s reputation, influence, dignity and honour”. It is a virtue to be conservative and not stand out to avoid the risk of losing “face”.  Influencers represent the  “face” of a brand. The brand needs to research, cast, and brief precisely to select the most suitable endorser representing the brand image.

#1 @rachelvennya – Rachel Vennya Roland

  • Content focus: Muslim, lifestyle, beauty
  • Followers: Instagram – 7M followers
  • Engagement rate: 4.5%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: B+ (Top 35%)
  • Saturation rate: 18%
  • Post effectiveness: 101%
  • Audience gender: Female – 70% | Male – 30%
  • Key audience age range: 18-34 years old

#2 @titantyra – Titan Tyra

A beauty blogger, a successful entrepreneur, and a wife to the love of her life, Titan Tyra is living the life all Indonesian girls dream of. Titan grew up and worked in Singapore before coming back to Indonesia. With 700,000 followers on her Instagram, she started as a vlogger on YouTube in 2008, mainly sharing beauty and skincare tips, then slowly broadened with travelling content as well. She became an entrepreneur by launching her first cosmetics line, “Second Date”, and founded Tori-ya Japanese yakitori store with her husband.


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A post shared by Titan Tyra (@titantyra)

  • Content focus: Lifestyle, relationship, entrepreneurship
  • Followers: Instagram – 724K followers
  • Engagement rate: 4%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: A- (Top 23%)
  • Saturation rate: 33%
  • Post effectiveness: 53%
  • Audience gender: Female – 73% | Male – 27%
  • Key audience age range: 18-34 years old

#3 @shaniameliaShani Amelia

Rise to fame through TikTok garnered 2.9M followers, and Instagram with 671k followers. Shani is well known for food reviews and online shop endorsements.


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A post shared by Shani Amelia (@shaniamelia)

  • Content focus: Food, lifestyle, comedy
  • Followers: Instagram – 670K followers
  • Engagement rate: 6.3%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: A+ (Top 5%)
  • Saturation rate: 3%
  • Post effectiveness: 52%
  • Audience gender: Female – 83% | Male – 17%
  • Key audience age range: 18-34 years old

#4 @molita_linMolita Lin

Molita started as a Vlogger on YouTube in 2014 and earned her audience through sharing about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She reached 100,000 subscribers in 2017 and amassed 986,000 as of October this year. What caught her audience’s attention the most was her marriage life. Molita married her husband when she graduated from high school in 2012, when she was only 18 years old and welcomed their first child into the world in 2015. From then on, more people found her stories even more interesting and inspiring and saw her relationship with her husband, Hoshi, as a relationship goal. Besides YouTube, she is also active on Instagram with 320,000 followers, an engagement rate of 3,43% ( and TikTok. Besides being a vlogger, Moli and her husband are talented dancers, frequently featuring her husband in her content with choreographed couple dances of popular hits nowadays. Moli started her clothing line MOLVEÈ this May and reached almost 50,000 followers on Instagram in merely 5months. She is a Vlogger, a wife, a mom, and now officially an entrepreneur!


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A post shared by Molita Lin (@molita_lin)

  • Content focus: Parenting, beauty, lifestyle
  • Followers: Instagram – 341K followers
  • Engagement rate: 2.7%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: B (Top 45%)
  • Saturation rate: 38%
  • Post effectiveness: 74%
  • Audience gender: Female – 90% | Male – 10%
  • Key audience age range: 18-34 years old

#5 @erna_limdaugh – Erna Limdaugh 나나 임

An Indonesian YouTuber who lives in South Korea graduated from a fashion design school in Singapore and went to South Korea to further her career. She mainly focuses on YouTube, sharing make-up tutorials and her life in South Korea.  Even though she is in South Korea, she never stops engaging with her Indonesian followers. She would come back to Indonesia to meet her fans whenever it was possible and frequently gave giveaways to her Indonesian followers from South Korea. She collaborated with some international brands.

  • Content focus: Beauty, skincare, young mom, Korean
  • Followers: Instagram – 141K followers
  • Engagement rate: 5%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: A+ (Top 5%)
  • Saturation rate: 33%
  • Post effectiveness: 119%
  • Audience gender: Female – 85% | Male – 15%
  • Key audience age range: 18-34 years old
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