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Top 5 Beauty Influencers in Hong Kong in 2023


Since the Covid mask ban was lifted, Hong Kong experienced a facelift, followed by a post-COVID beauty resurgence and revenge consumption patterns. Lipstick, for example, has become a highly sought-after commodity. According to a cosmetic retail leader, popular lipstick colours are flying off the shelves, and the beauty business is recovering from the pandemic. First-quarter industrywide sales are projected to increase by 20% from last year’s period.

This article will introduce you to the 5 top beauty influencers in Hong Kong, hand-picked by our in-house influencer specialist covering macro & micro influencers! It covers Instagram profiles about the influencers’  engagement rate and demographic of followers on their main channel via the leading influencer marketing platform Upfluence with the following key insights:

  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers.
  • Saturation rate: Number of brand mentions over all posts made by the influencer, expressed in a percentage.
  • Post effectiveness: Effectiveness of a sponsored post compared to a non-sponsored post in terms of average engagement rate.

Previously, we have explored Gen Z social media usage and the future of social media in Hong Kong. As social media is one of the most influential media types in Hong Kong, it is essential to stay in the know of the digital behaviour of the growing consumer group in Hong Kong; we must constantly remain one step ahead of the curve to preserve our position as industry leaders and strong bonds between audiences and brands.

#1 @wongmanyik – Venus Wong (王敏奕)

Venus Wong, also known as Wong Man Yik, is a Hong Kong actress and model. She started her career as a model before transitioning to acting in 2013. In addition to acting, Venus is an ambassador for various brands and has been praised for her fashion sense. Known for her friendly and outgoing personality, Venus has a strong social media presence on Instagram, and she often shares insights into her daily life and fashion choices with her fans.

  • Content focus: Skincare, fitness, fashion, lifestyle
  • Followers: Instagram – 409K followers
  • Engagement rate: 4%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: A- top 23%
  • Saturation rate: 31%
  • Post effectiveness: 98%
  • Audience gender: Female – 52% | Male – 48%
  • Key audience locations: HK 36%, US 13%, CH 11%
  • Beauty brands collaborated: Elemis, Laneige, Dior, Armani Beauty

#2 @ashaetc – Asha Cuthbert (徐㴓喬)

Asha Cuthbert, Hong Kong British-Filipino mixed-race artist and Internet celebrity, co-host of ViuTV program. She’s active on YouTube since 2008, and on her Instagram account, Cuthbert shares her personal style, travel experiences, and life. Cuthbert is known for her honest and relatable approach to writing and sharing her life on social media. She often discusses mental health and body positivity issues, and encourages her followers to embrace their true selves.

  • Content focus: Fashion, lifestyle, leisure
  • Followers: Instagram – 153K followers | YouTube subscribers – 161K subscribers
  • Engagement rate: 4%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: A- top 23%
  • Saturation rate: 73%
  • Post effectiveness: 63%
  • Audience gender: Female – 64% | Male – 36%
  • Key audience locations: HK 62%, US 23%, UK 4%
  • Beauty brands collaborated: Chanel Beauty, Shu Uemura, SK-II

#3 @emilyszemei – Emily Lau (劉思美)

Emily Cheung is a YouTuber, model & TV host based in Hong Kong. Emily created the account in 2014 as a platform to share her passion for makeup, skincare, and fashion. Emily is known for her expertise in the beauty industry and often provides tips and tutorials on makeup application and skincare routines. She also discusses mental health and self-care issues and encourages her followers to prioritize their well-being.


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A post shared by Emilyyyyy (@emilyszemei)

  • Content focus: Personal style, beauty routines, travel experiences, lifestyle
  • Followers: Instagram – 105K followers | YouTube – 132K subscribers
  • Engagement rate: 6%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: A+ top 5%
  • Saturation rate: 35%
  • Post effectiveness: 26%
  • Audience gender: Female – 53% | Male – 47%
  • Key audience locations: HK 51%, US 11%, TW 7%
  • Beauty brands collaborated: Olay, Fresh, Aveda

#4 @heyman_lam – Heyman Lam

Heyman is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Hong Kong. She owns an online social fashion store and also features her travel vlogs and personal projects on her YouTube channels.


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A post shared by Heyman (@heyman_lam)

  • Content focus: Travel, leisure, daily life, beauty
  • Followers: Instagram – 57K followers | YouTube – 107K subscribers
  • Engagement rate: 7%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: A+ top 5%
  • Saturation rate: 41%
  • Post effectiveness: 11%
  • Audience gender: Female – 82% | Male – 18%
  • Key audience locations: HK 70%, US 11%
  • Beauty brands collaborated: Makeup Forever, Clarins, Origins, Chanel Beauty

#5 @yankayan – Ayanna Cheung (張嘉殷)

Ayanna Cheung is a Hong Kong-based beauty influencer. She is a host at Now TV Sports channel. She shares her work and couple’s life, product unboxing vlogs, and her travel experiences.  She also advocates for self-love and body positivity and encourages her followers to embrace their unique beauty. 

  • Content focus: Leisure, couple life, beauty, fitness
  • Followers: Instagram – 49K followers | YouTube – 76K subscribers
  • Engagement rate: 7%
  • Engagement rate compared to similar influencers: A+ top 5%
  • Saturation rate: 30%
  • Post effectiveness: 93%
  • Audience gender: Female – 50% | Male – 50%
  • Key audience locations: HK 70%, US 14%
  • Beauty brands collaborated: La Roche Posay, Bioré, Yves Rocher, Estée Lauder
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