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Bon Parfumeur — Lane Crawford Pop-up event 2019

Influencer video marketing to boost exposure in new market

The Brief

Bon Parfumeur planned to launch a pop-up store at Lane Crawford to boost brand visibility in their new market Hong Kong. The client challenged DBL to set the whole influencer video marketing campaign in motion within 2 weeks.

The Solution

DBL carried out an influencer video marketing campaign to create buzz for the new pop-up store and raise brand awareness. Apart from activating local influencers that fit specific client criteria, said KOLs were also invited to experience the pop-up event in person and receive their products as part of the win-win partnership. Our in-house video production team then created an event highlight video for the client to share and enrich their social media content.

KOL Campaign Management - Video Production

The Results

for influencer video marketing campaign
2.1K people
with influencers' Instagram posts
4.4K USD
total estimated media value
from all influencer posts

Key Takeaways

Influencer marketing has always been one of our expertise, however, this project was still challenging given the time restriction. Starting from the KOL identification stage to sharing the final video, DBL only had 2 weeks to complete the whole influencer video marketing campaign.

Finding the right profiles was complex due to unique client requirements. We needed to make sure the influencers match certain specialist topic, followers reach, engagement, audience demographic, etc. Furthermore, their availability was the deal-breaker, since one crucial part of the campaign involved KOLs physically attending the pop-up event held at a fixed date and time. Our first focus was to shortlist a large amount of micro-KOLs to increase our chance of finding the appropriate profile. Then, we target influencers interested in Win-Win partneship. As an incentive, we offered to each influencer their very own customised perfume along with the pop-up experience promised. DBL successfully ticked all the boxes with our seasoned expert in influencer campaigns and social influencer tool within the given time frame. As a result, the required four KOLs have all attended the pop-up event, together with one additional KOL .

Lastly, to generate interest in the brand and give more visibility to the pop-up store, our in-house video crew was on the site to capture every moment of the launch event. By sharing this clip that showcased influencers’ experience and Bon Parfumeur products, this acted as a motivation for the audience to visit the booth in person.

Increase exposure in new market with influencer video marketing!

About Bon Parfumeur

Bon Parfumeur is a unique perfume house based in France. Instead of designing products based on specific stories and concepts, they invite their consumers to add their own impressions of a perfume according to sentiments, memories and emotions.

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