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Dior — Little Red Book Influencer Campaign 2019

Luxury product launch leveraging influencer marketing on Little Red Book

The Brief

Dior approached DBL to promote their new product ‘Dior Prestige Huile De Rose’ in mainland China. This promotional campaign aims to drive traffic specifically to travel retail shops. DBL’s role was to provide an all-round influencer marketing activation strategy with a focus on Little Red Book (aka Xiaohongshu) as the main platform. Dior challenged us to raise awareness for the new product line with content that attracts affluent Chinese consumers.

The Solution

We achieved the goals by implementing Little Red Book influencer marketing with travel & skincare themed content. DBL identified travel retail-related KOLs and coordinated with them to ensure a complete understanding of the strategy and brand guidelines.
In addition, we tailored each component of the strategy specific to the Chinese market. Since the influencers are well-connected with their audience, we gave them maximum flexibility to tailor their own content.

Social Media Strategy - Social Media Localized Content Production - Little Red Book Influencer & PR Management - Monitoring and Reporting

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The Results

Total reach
on LRB
Positive sentiment
from followers
on LRB

Key Takeaways

To bring Dior to the forefront of Chinese consumers’ attention, an effective way is to make use of local social media platforms.
DBL elected to implement influencer marketing via Little Red Book given that it is the most trusted social online commerce platform in China.
Over 100 million Little Red Book users rely heavily on its authentic product reviews, opinions, and recommendations. Crucially, 90% of these users are middle or upper-class women.

Little Red Book influencers have a more specific attribute and can be mainly categorized into 2 types— sales-oriented and information-sharing.
Since the main objective of this campaign was raising product awareness, we prioritized KOLs specifying in product reviews and tutorials.
Another important criterion for selecting influencers is the compatibility of their fans’ demographics with the nature of the campaign/product.
Since Dior only distributed its new products in Beijing and Shanghai airports, KOLs with a majority of fans located in 1st tier cities were our target.

Moreover, we employed Enhanced Due Diligence on KOLs on individuals to identify suitable influencers based on their background & lifestyle, so as to match their personas with the target audience.

Another key factor for a successful influencer campaign is encouraging influencers to create authentic content. User-Generated Content (UGC) is the cornerstone of Little Red Book as the content not only needs to be useful and helpful to the readers, but also needs to promote commerce.
A positive review on Little Red Book is most trusted by users, giving credibility and authenticity to the product itself. Managing the operations between Dior and the beauty/lifestyle influencers during the campaign, we ensured a seamless communication and product distribution among all parties.

Promote new product in China with Little Red Book Influencer Marketing

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