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Social Media Marketing in China

Achieve your business objectives with highly-localized social media campaigns

Why do you need social media marketing in China?

China is the 3rd largest consumer market in the world, after the US & the EU, and has 10% more active mobile devices than the population! In January 2020, the number of active social media users in the country reached 1.04 billion ( 72% penetration rate). The importance of social media marketing in China is further amplified by the role of social media in consumers’ daily life. Social media apps are not just a source of entertainment or a way to connect with people, they are for everything. From paying utility bills to taking online classes or even buying luxury cars. In fact, a live streaming host on Douyin has created 110 million sales within 3 hours, and while this might be an exceptional “click-bait case”, brands aiming to reach new customers and new audiences in China can’t avoid taking the social media marketing route. Embark on this journey with us!

What do we do in our campaigns in China?

Digital Business Lab’s own team of China experts provides valuable in-depth knowledge to the local market and culture. According to your various stage of objectives, we identify the best channels and craft customize social media marketing strategies. Furthermore, acknowledging the uniqueness of the Chinese social media landscape, we also provide Training and Consulting for clients who are not familiar with the ecosystem. Meanwhile, we stay informed with the latest trends in China, including key platforms’ features and content trends, to help companies of different scales (startups/SMEs/MNCs), and across multiple industries (banking/beauty/luxury/art, etc.), making better marketing decisions.

How we can promote your social media footprint?

Supported Social Media Platforms

.  WeChat
.  Weibo
.  Little Red Book/RED/Xiaohongshu
.  Douyin/TikTok

Supported Languages

.  Mandarin (Simplified Chinese)
.  English

Content Creation

.  Localized content copywriting (Simplified Chinese)
.  Creative video production
.  Graphic design
.  Mini-programs & H5

Strategic Consulting

.  China market research
.  China Marketing Strategy
.  Chinese localized content strategy
.  Advertising strategy
.  Chinese social media platforms training and consulting

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