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WeChat 2020 updates, so far…


Are you struggling to keep up with all the WeChat 2020 updates? Doing the job for you, our team compiles in this article the essential new features, new functions, and new tools of WeChat in 2020. Keep an eye out in this article as we will be updating it regularly. You may also check our other social media insights articles, like our famous WeChat Livestreaming article.

WeChat 2020 Update #9: Change Individual WeChat ID.

  • June 2020 – Live – Function for users to change their WeChat ID. 
Individual WeChat ID features:
  • The selected users who will be part of the bucket testing can choose to change their WeChat ID once a year.
  • To be selected, users need to fulfill 2 requirements: using the same ID for more than 1 year + their current account has no security risks.
  • Price & availability: Free on Android & IOS.

WeChat 2020 Update #8: The New Version of WeChat Article.

  • June 2020 – Live – WeChat has updated the layout of the article interface.
New Version of WeChat Article features:
  • Add back the interaction of “Like”.
  • Add the action of “Share” to the bottom left of the article.
  • Keep the “Wow” function, a stronger level to “Like”.
  • Price & availability: Free on Android & IOS.

WeChat 2020 Update #7: WeChat Channels Revamp.

  • June 2020 – Live – WeChat has revamped the interface and functions of the WeChat Channels 视频号)for Android users first.
WeChat Channels Revamp features:
  • The homepage now includes 4 sections: Following, Liked by friends, Hot and Nearby.
  • Add “Share” and “Add as favorite” buttons underneath the videos.
  • Added a new function of the video progress bar.
  • Added a new feature of @somebody.
  • Price & availability: Free on Android & IOS.

WeChat 2020 Update #6: Article Reading Completion Data.

  • April 2020 – Live – WeChat backend provides additional data at the article-level analysis.
Article Reading Completion Data features:
  • The article completion rate is now available on each article’s data, which provides the number of readers who stay or leave the article at different scroll depth. 
  • Price & availability: Free, all WeChat Backend.

WeChat 2020 Update #5: WeChat Moment Ad  “Long press interaction effect”.

  • April 2020 – Live – WeChat Moment Ad has recently launched a long-press ad creative style.
WeChat Moment Ad features:
  • Allows the audience to trigger more effects by long pressing on the screen.
  • Then the ad plays with the transition effect that fills the mobile phone screen.
  • It is aimed at stimulating more interactions with your target audiences and therefore increasing Click-Through Rates and Conversion Rates.
  • Price & availability: for all users depending on Ad investment.

WeChat 2020 Update #4: WeChat Paid Reading Article.

  • April 2020 – Live – WeChat is testing on some invited accounts the paid reading function for Subscription Accounts.
WeChat Paid Reading Article features:
  • With the paid reading function activated, readers will need to pay the account a fee to continue reading some parts of the articles.
  • Price & availability: Free, on invitation only.

WeChat 2020 Update #3: WeChat Dark Mode.

  • March 2020 – Live – WeChat has added a dark mode option to its iOS version.
WeChat Dark Mode features:
  • The users can switch their WeChat to dark mode.
  • The dark mode can be activated if the iOS settings are already on the dark theme.
  • Price & availability: Free on IOS & Android.

WeChat 2020 Update #2: WeChat Changed the Image File Limitation in Articles.

  • February 2020 –  Live – WeChat has raised the image size limit from 5M to 10M in the WeChat Official Account backend.
WeChat 10M File Size Limitation in Articles Features:
  • The users can upload each visual file up to 10M in WeChat backend now.
  • The format includes infographics, animated gifs, landscape images, etc.
  • Price & availability: Free, all WeChat Official Account admins/operators.

WeChat 2020 Update #1: WeChat Launched Short Video Platform.

  • January 2020 – Live – WeChat has rolled out a new in-app platform “Channels” (Chinese name: 视频, English name: Channels) in Beta test, allowing selected users to post videos or photos to both their followers and to random users.
Wechat Short Video Platform reference:
  • Account name: 财经
  • Content focus: finance news, investment trends, current affairs, etc.
  • Content format: news summary, thought leader interviews, images with text on top.
  • Highlights.
  • Interviewing experts about the economy and investment trends.
  • Daily updates with graphics on current affairs.

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