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Social Media Marketing in Korea

Customize result-driven social media campaigns that meet your business vision & objectives.

Why do you need social media marketing in Korea?

The South Korean market is considered by many as the center of social media evolution. As one of the world’s most connected countries, coupled with a high rate of active social media users, social media marketing is undoubtedly an integral part of a brand’s marketing strategy when penetrating the South Korean market.

The widespread use of social media began well before the dominance of “western” social media platforms. With its homegrown domestic platforms such as KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, Naver Band and Daum café – names where many readers may not recognize – South Korea has a truly unique social media ecosystem. Navigating through the crowded field of domestic and western social networks requires proper strategy and execution. DBL can help you focus on implementing winning social media strategies in this nation of intense social media use.

As of January 2020, South Korea has an estimated 44 million active social media users, with a penetration rate of 87%. Some of the most popular social media platforms includes KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

What do we do in our campaigns in Korea?

With our experience and expertise in social media marketing, DBL aims to inspire your audience through engaging storytelling. By providing businesses with market insights and industry-specific opportunities, DBL analyzes changes and trends in South Korea’s social media market to capture areas where businesses can focus in scaling user-generated contents. Our hyper-localized team will enable you to leverage our in-depth knowledge of the local market and culture to amplify your brand’s exposure. Our ultimate goal is to tell the story of your brand while catering to the South Korean market.

How we can promote your social media footprint?

Supported Social Media Platforms

.  KakaoTalk
.  YouTube
.  Instagram
.  Facebook
.  KakaoStory
.  Naver Blog

Supported Languages

.  Korean
.  English

Content Creation

.  Korean copywriting
.  Creative video production & adaptation
.  Graphic design

Strategic Consulting

.  Korea market research
.  Korea marketing strategy
.  Advertising strategy

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