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Linkedin 2020 updates, so far…


Are you struggling to keep up with all the LinkedIn 2020 updates? Doing the job for you, our team compiles in this article the essential new features, new functions, and new tools of LinkedIn in 2020. Keep an eye out in this article as we will be updating it regularly. You may also check our other social media insights articles, like our famous LinkedIn Retargeting article.

Update 7: LinkedIn Stories. 

  • June 2020 – Live – LinkedIn started the Stories feature in June 2020, aiming to allow members and organizations to share temporary content of their everyday moments. Like Facebook and Instagram Story, LinkedIn Stories can only last for 24 hours.
 Linkedin stories features:
  • Create a story by capturing an image or video on LinkedIn Mobile.
  • Available for individual profiles or for admins of a LinkedIn Page in Australia, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, and the UAE.

Update 6: LinkedIn Video & Lead Generation Form Retargeting.

  • June 2020 – Live – LinkedIn announces that retargeting based on video views and lead gen form will be available in the Campaign Manager in July 2020. 
LinkedIn Video & Lead Generation Retarget Features:
  • Users who watched 75% or more of the video.
  • Form openers or submitters.
  • Available in Campaign Manager.

Update 5: LinkedIn Page Follower List.

  • June 2020 – Live – Page admins are now able to view page’s followers.
LinkedIn Page Follower List features:
  • Available on Desktop and Mobile by clicking the total follower counts, within the follower analytics section.
  • Available for company page and page admin.

Update 4: LinkedIn Event 

  • June 2020 – Live – Similar to Facebook Event,  LinkedIn launched its event creation feature. LinkedIn Live and Event can work together, allowing marketers to stream live video content on LinkedIn Event. 
 Linkedin event features:
  • Create a LinkedIn Event.
  • Connect LinkedIn Event with LinkedIn Live.
  • Share or promote the event through traditional demand generation tactics (e.g. email marketing, paid ads, link posts).
  • Invite first-degree connections (Page Admins only).
  • Leverage lead generation form for event registrations (later 2020).
  • Retarget event attendees (later 2020).
  • Available for a company page, free.

Update 3: LinkedIn New Ad Product: Conversation Ads.

  • March 2020 – Beta – LinkedIn launched a new messaging-based ad format, Conversation Ads. It is built on the current Message Ads(formerly Sponsored InMail). Official LinkedIn Business Page.
Linkedin Conversation Ads functions:
  • This new ad format enables advertisers to create a message campaign with conversational features.
  • Create a conversation path and funnel in message ads.
  • Customize call to actions.
  • Integrate with lead generation form and conversion tracking.
  • Designed for real-time engagement which message can only be sent when the user is online.
  • Available in all campaigns in April, Subject to campaign budget.

Update 2: LinkedIn Pages and Elevate Integration.

  • January 2020 – To Be Launched – LinkedIn Page and Elevate will be integrated in 2020. Core Elevate feature will be available on. LinkedIn Page by December 2020.
LinkedIn Elevate Features
  • Launched in 2015, Elevate is a tool for employees to source, curate, and share company content to their LinkedIn.
  • Curate content.
  • Broadcast to employees. 
  • Access to performance data. 
  • Further features after integration: Page admin will be able to curate, broadcast content, and measure performance through LinkedIn Page.

Update 1: LinkedIn Live expands to individuals and organization (January 2020) Beta.

  • January 2020 – Beta LinkedIn Live has now expanded to individual users and company pages. This feature is currently in beta phase and only a select group of members and pages have access to this function.
LinkedIn Live Features
  • Application process: Apply and register, Review the approval email, Select a live streaming tool, Integrate with LinkedIn, Go live.
  • Free or paid subject to the selected broadcast tool.
  • Available for approved users and company pages.

Social Media 2020 Updates Series:

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