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Top 5 Education Influencers in Singapore in 2023


As the influencer marketing landscape advances rapidly, marketers and brands face the challenge and opportunity to keep up. Two primary elements have emerged as vital for securing success: finding the right influencers and creating content that clicks with your audience. And do you know who’s winning the influencer game right now? It’s educational influencers! These guys are brainy and reliable and share a ton of useful insights in their fields.

How to Deal With the Trust Issue of Consumers?

Consumers today do their homework before buying, even when they are shopping in-store. Brands harnessing this trust in digital information can boost their visibility and reputation. That’s where educational influencers come in.

These influencers don’t just push products. They share insights and knowledge that you can’t get elsewhere. It’s a smart strategy that can boost your brand and guide customers from simply knowing about your product to buying it.

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns that centre purely on products,

Educational influencer collaborations aim to ignite “Aha!” moments that provide valuable insights.

Instead of pushing immediate sales, educational influencers empower customers with unique knowledge. This strategy enhances brand credibility and guides consumers from brand awareness to loyal customers.

Previously, we explored Beauty influencers in Hong Kong, and Gen Z social media usage.  Now, we will introduce you to five standout educational influencers in Singapore. Our in-house specialists have carefully selected these influencers and represent a mix of macro and micro-influencer talent. We dive into their engagement rates, follower demographics, and other key data insights sourced via Upfluence – a leading influencer marketing platform.

#1 @Just Keep Thinking – Biogirl MJ

Biogirl MJ used to be a teacher. She’s a full-time YouTube content creator who loves science and nature. She’s worked with big brands like Guardian and Disney Studios Singapore, proving her skills in weaving brand messages into her unique, educational content.

Her successful collaborations with major brands like Guardian and Disney Studios Singapore testify to her ability to effectively incorporate brand messages in her unique, educational content style. Her influence can be leveraged by brands looking to enrich their digital marketing strategies with informed, engaging, and cost-effective influencer partnerships.

  • Followers: Youtube – 11KInstagram – 228KTikTok – 106K
  • Engagement rate: 9.31% on Instagram, 6.12% on TikTok
  • Cost per engagement: $0.09
  • Audience gender: Female – 48% | Male – 52%
  • Key audience locations: SG – 33% | US – 18% | AU – 8%
  • Brands collaborated: Guardian, Disney Studios Singapore

#2 @thevintagevision/ @itsgeorgiacaney – Georgia Caney

Georgia shares her personal experiences of living as an expat in Singapore. Her Instagram content has a highly emotional tone, making it ideal for intimate, story-based campaigns, particularly those that utilize the swipe-up link feature. While her TikTok follower count might seem relatively low, her content consistently reaches around 3K views, which indicates strong engagement levels.

Her YouTube content allows for a broader narrative scope, although it’s worth noting that negotiations could potentially bring down pricing for this platform. Brands targeting expats, tourists, or those considering relocation would find a genuine and relatable ambassador in Georgia Caney, capable of effectively driving their message home through her well-crafted content.


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A post shared by Georgia (@thevintagevision)

  • Followers: Youtube – 129K | Instagram – 38K | TikTok – 5.2K
  • Engagement rate: Youtube – 3.1% | Instagram – 1.3%
  • Cost per view: Youtube – $0.14
  • Cost per engagement: Instagram – $0.75
  • Audience gender: Female – 71% | Male – 29%
  • Key audience locations: US – 19% | SG – 16% | GB – 10%
  • Brands collaborated: Osome, Ascott Star Rewards, lyf

#3 @GhibOjisan – Ghib Ojisan (ジブおじさん)

Ghib Ojisan, also known as Ken, is a compelling influencer narrative. As a Japanese travel YouTuber based in Singapore, his content draws on his inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s animations, lending his brand an element of whimsy and creative storytelling.

His cross-cultural appeal can bring unique benefits to brands seeking multi-regional implications, especially those targeting female audiences.

His storytelling approach and the “lifestyle vlog” format ensure his content is relatable and engaging, enhancing the potential impact of brand partnerships. Despite the lack of explicit beauty brand collaborations, Ghib Ojisan’s diverse content creation approach opens possible avenues for brands across various industries.

#4 @heythomask – Thomas Kopankiewicz

Thomas K., a charismatic German-Chinese influencer based in Singapore, engages his audience with compelling narratives exploring diverse life aspects. From travel and family experiences to his passion for programming, Thomas K. explores various topics that reflect the breadth of his own interests. His content stands out for its capacity to inspire followers to enrich their lives and embrace fresh perspectives.

  • Followers: Instagram – 20K | Youtube – 16.2K | TikTok – 12.7K
  • Engagement rate: 6.14%
  • Cost per engagement: $0.23
  • Audience gender: Female – 56% | Male – 44%
  • Key audience locations: SG – 37% | MY – 15% | US – 15%
  • Brands collaborated: Neviasg, Samsungsg, overskillsg, MSI gaming

#5 @mynameisfauzi – Fauzi Aziz

Fauzi Aziz, kn his charismatic presence on TheSmartLocal YouTube channel, has become a beloved digital personality in Singapore and beyond. The ‘Golden Boy of TSL’ is famous for his vibrant personality and captivating smile, carving out an influential digital presence across platforms. He brings to the table a background in Theatre Studies from the National University of Singapore, a pedigree that bolsters his engaging content delivery.


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A post shared by FAUZI AZIZ (@mynameisfauzi)

  • Followers: Instagram – 25.1K | TikTok – 12.6K
  • Engagement rate: 2.64%
  • Cost per engagement (CPE): $0.38
  • Audience gender: Female – 61% | Male – 39%
  • Key audience locations: SG – 50% | US – 21% | MY – 6%
  • Brands collaborated: NUS, Lululemon, Universal Music SG

To conclude, the best educational influencer for your brand is the one who resonates most effectively with your target audience. The true power of an influencer lies not just in their follower count but in their authenticity and engagement levels.

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