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Gold Star Line — Gold Star Line Asia Activation

Boost brand awareness and website traffic across key markets in Asia

The Brief

Part of ZIM Logistics, Gold Star Line Ltd. (GSL) is a container shipping company specialising in reefer, containerized cargo transportation and out-of-gauge cargo services in Intra Asia and Africa.

They approached Digital Business Lab for our support to increase brand awareness and website traffic across key markets in Asia.

The Objective

Awareness & Consideration

Digital Business Lab developed a paid media campaign by activating a wide range of platforms to achieve Gold Star Line’s objectives on driving exposure & website traffic across key markets in Asia. The 6 activated platforms include Yahoo! JAPAN, NAVER, Tencent, Baidu, Google & LinkedIn.

We have also created localised creatives, including brand videos & banners, tailored to each target market’s native language to enhance relevance, while running ads across 5 different markets: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea & China.

Finally, we analysed and optimised the weekly performance of the campaign to ensure the media plan & tactics performed efficiently.

Media Strategy - Content Production - Advertising Management - Content Production

Competitive CTR
on Baidu
compared to platform benchmark
82% lower
CPC on Tencent
compared to average B2B industry benchmark
34 Millions
on WeChat
0.34 Millions
Website Link Clicks
From WeChat
Overperforming CPM ($8)
on Baidu
compared to platform benchmark ($10 - $20)

Key Takeaways

Best-performing Platforms:

Regarding B2B marketing, WeChat and Baidu are the two most effective platforms.

  • WeChat offers location-based targeting. Thus we can narrow down to specific company addresses and the business districts with our targeted business.
  • Baidu has an extensive search keyword pool, and we can attract traffic to the landing page with specific keywords.

Best-performing Creatives:

WeChat official account banner ads are more cost-effective because it is CPC mode compared to CPM mode for the moment ads.
In addition, banner ads perform better than video ads.


Grow localised brand presence in key Asian markets

About Gold Star Line

Part of ZIM Logisitics, Gold Star Line (GSL) is a major player in the Intra Asia and Africa Trade. Focused on its intensive growth pace and dynamic market.

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