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Dequadin — Dequadin Immune Defense Series Launch in HK

Boost product awareness and drive sales through tailored ad campaigns

The Brief

As the world adjusts to the post-COVID era, Dequadin aims to promote its Immune Defence series in Hong Kong. The goal was to highlight the product’s benefits and instil confidence for mask-free moments in consumers.

Digital Business Lab was brought in to manage the entire campaign, create engaging creatives and manage a 4-week ad campaign.

The Objective

Awareness & Consideration

The Solution

Digital Business Lab devised a Paid Advertising Strategy tailored towards the personas such as Young Professionals and those living a “Work Hard, Play Hard” lifestyle. 

We designed audience-specific creatives and videos to highlight the emotional and physical benefits of the Dequadin Immune Defense series. A Traditional Chinese content-based Educational Landing Page was created, featuring static educational images and videos. 

We managed and optimized ad campaigns across Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook, ensuring maximum reach.


Paid Media Strategy - Content Production - Advertising Management

95% Audiences
finished watching the videos
on Facebook
< 1 HKD
Cost Per Click
on Facebook Ads
on Google and Facebook

Key Takeaways

Strategic Approach

To ensure Dequadin’s marketing objectives were met, Digital Business Lab deployed a well-rounded strategy encompassing Paid Advertising on Meta and Google platforms, Content Creation, and thorough Campaign Management and Optimization. We aimed to introduce the Dequadin Immune Defence series to the Hong Kong market and emphasize its role in ensuring everyday confidence in a post-Covid world.

Targeted Engagement

Given the product’s target audience, segmenting and reaching out to the right audience – Young Professionals, Office Workers, “Work Hard, Play Hard” individuals, and Educational groups – was paramount. DBL harnessed audience-specific creatives and videos and a well-strategized ad campaign to make this possible.

Execution and Outcome

💡 In our campaign execution, DBL prioritized video content for engagements and link clicks due to its proven high performance. Following this, we implemented an optimized budget allocation allowing more resources for high-performing campaigns.

Our approach incorporated a flow – starting from the brand introduction and awareness, to retargeting the engaged audience with conversion-focused ads.

We successfully amplified the brand’s presence in the Hong Kong market by pairing this strategy with audience-tailored creatives that underscored the emotional and physical benefits of the Dequadin Immune Defence series.

As a result, Dequadin was able to confidently launch its Immune Defence series, communicating its value proposition effectively and generating significant audience engagement.

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About Dequadin

Dequadin, a distinguished brand under the umbrella of iNova Pharmaceuticals, is renowned for its effective and refreshing Dequadin Pastilles and Hard Candy. 

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