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iNova Pharmaceuticals — Launch of DURO-TUSS new product Herbal Dry Cough Liquid

Collecting First-Party Data Through DURO-TUSS’s New Product Launch Campaign

The Brief

Our objective is to reinforce the DURO-TUSS® brand’s position as the leading solution for cough relief while educating consumers on selecting the appropriate product for their cough type:

  1. Introduce DURO-TUSS® Herbal Dry Cough Liquid (Marshmallow) as a premier, natural solution for dry cough.
  2. Promote DURO-TUSS® Chesty Cough Liquid (Ivy Leaf) as an effective, natural remedy for chesty cough.

The Objective

Brand Awareness & Audience Education

The Solution

Our strategy for launching DURO-TUSS® Herbal Dry Cough Liquid embodies an omnichannel approach designed for maximum engagement and educational impact:

  • Out-of-home (OOH) and Social Media: We utilize strategic placements and tailored content to highlight DURO-TUSS®’s natural benefits and counteract cough treatment myths, building initial awareness and fostering community dialogue.
  • Digital Targeting & YouTube Content: Targeted digital ads and brief, engaging videos aim to resonate with key demographics, emphasizing the non-drowsy, herbal qualities of our products.
  • Interactive Ads: Innovative ads challenge misconceptions, engaging users while collecting insights for refined retargeting and education on proper cough treatment selection.

This streamlined strategy focuses on educating consumers, enhancing brand awareness, and establishing DURO-TUSS® as a leader in natural cough solutions through thoughtful content and engaging, data-driven tactics.

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Integrated Campaign Elements

Integrated element for DURO TUSS

Educating the Audience:
The combination of organic content, innovative ads tech, and Out-of-Home advertising collectively educated the audience on the importance of selecting the proper cough remedy.

This integrated approach increased awareness of DURO-TUSS® as a leader in cough treatment and drove home the message of its natural, practical solutions for both chesty and dry coughs.

Influencer Collaboration

duro tuss kol content

We engaged a carefully selected group of five Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in Singapore, with followings ranging from 39K to 279K.

The influencers engaged were:

Esther Rachel (@estherachel), Melissa Koh (@melissackoh), Zonia Raymond (@zoniaraymond) and Sarah Cheng (@sarahxmiracle) focused on the parenting community, offering relatable insights and personal experiences on managing children’s coughs with DURO-TUSS®;

Khaw Xin Lin (@xinlinnn) targeted lifestyle enthusiasts, emphasizing the herbal, natural components of DURO-TUSS® and its benefits for overall well-being. This appealed to those interested in health-conscious living.

The strategic selection of KOLs ensured a targeted reach that addressed our audience’s diverse needs and concerns. Their content generated significant engagement, with Zonia and Melissa achieving the highest reach and engagement, respectively, and Xin Lin’s post receiving notable saves, indicating a strong interest in the brand’s message.

Total Reach
from 5 influencers
Targeted Audience
reached on Meta
Average CPM
via Google Ads

Key Takeaways

Here are key takeaways that any brand can learn from this campaign:

  1. Careful Selection of Influencers: we carefully chose a diverse group of five KOLs in Singapore, blending parenting and lifestyle niches to ensure a targeted campaign reach. This mix enabled the campaign to resonate deeply across different segments, mainly targeting parents needing effective cough solutions and individuals focused on health and wellness.
  2. Strategic Collaboration with Wagawin: We partnered with Wagawin to develop interactive ads, leveraging common myths about cough treatment to engage users and gather first-party data for refined targeting on Meta platforms. These ads play a pivotal role in correcting misconceptions, captivating the audience’s attention and providing valuable insights, allowing for more effective retargeting and education through Meta platforms.

The combination of influencer outreach and Wagawin’s interactive ads created a multifaceted educational effort, effectively informing the audience about the specific benefits of DURO-TUSS® Herbal Dry Cough Liquid and the importance of choosing the proper cough solution.

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