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Botanic Pretti5 — Launch and Growth Strategy Consulting for Pretti5

Glow and Grow: Fueling Pretti5’s Global Presence Through Sustainable Skincare Solutions

The Brief

The skincare world was introduced to a new player, Botanic Pretti5 – a brand committed to providing a TCM-infused, clean, and adaptogenic solution for stressed and sensitive skin. Focusing on restoring the skin’s natural healthy glow, they partnered with Digital Business Lab to strategize a global launch and foster sustained growth.

The Objective

Brand Launch & Growth

The Solution

Digital Business Lab formulated a bespoke strategy spotlighting Pretti5’s unique blend of Eastern adaptogens, Western skincare technologies, and an unswerving commitment to sustainability.

In-depth training was provided to Pretti5’s team for the efficient execution of this strategy. Our regular consulting sessions ensured the brand adjusted its approach according to dynamic market trends and customer responses.

Strategy Development - Training - Consulting

Sales Growth
YoY from 2022 to 2023
From 1
to 4 Markets
Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, USA
HKD 1,500,000+
Media Budget
Consulting media budget

Key Takeaways

Strategic Approach

Our collaboration with Pretti5, initiated by a shared entrepreneurial vision between General Manager Xavier and top Hong Kong Women Entrepreneur Dorothy Chau, blossomed into a multifaceted partnership. We provided comprehensive training to their team, coupled with ongoing strategic consulting that encompassed advertising, influencer engagement, analytics, and more.

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Our approach hinged on methodical A/B testing, end-to-end KPI tracking, a streamlined creative building and audience targeting process, and smart influencer strategies. All the while, maintaining close ties with the community per the founder’s vision. This meant investing in online and offline consumer interactions to maximize product exposure.

Execution & Outcome

Our collaborative efforts culminated in remarkable success for Pretti5. The brand expanded its reach to multiple markets, launching products on its own website and prestigious platforms like Sephora. Strategic marketing efforts led to multiple items being sold out and paved the way for Pretti5 to break into the vast US market.

As we step into our 3rd year of collaboration, we continue to provide valuable social media and holistic business guidance to Dorothy and the Pretti5 team, supporting their ongoing growth and success

Ready to glow with Pretti5? Unleash your brand's potential with adaptive, effective strategies.

About Pretti5

Botanic Pretti5 is a TCM-infused, clean, and adaptogenic solution for stressed and sensitive skin. This brand brings the skin back to its most optimised state and restores your natural, healthy glow.

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