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Talika — Talika Lipocils Expert

Increase conversion with Instagram swipe-up via influencer marketing

The Brief

Leverage influencer marketing for Lipocils Expert eCommerce conversion through a partnership with the local beauty influencers on Instagram.

The Solution

To promote Talika’s Lipocils Expert 70 Anniversary limited version in the local Hong Kong market, we invited local beauty influencers to experience the eyelash growth after 28 days of testing, which the influencers documented the experience on their social media accounts distributed over the span of 3 weeks. The user-generated contents produced by the influencers are in both English and Cantonese, which is key in the audience education on Lipocils Expert’s benefits and product instructions.

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The Results

Organic Impressions
on Instagram Stories
Profile Visit
on Talika’s official Instagram accounts
Successfully Increased
Brand & Product Awareness
in Hong Kong market

Key Takeaways

  • Brands need to consider the Instagram story’s limitation as it expires after 24 hours
  • 3 weeks of campaign window is short for Eyelash Growth product

In general, the campaign succeeded in raising brand awareness and audience’s interest by educating them on the eyelash growth products with the eye-catchy localized video contents in Cantonese, which helped to develop a pool of young Cantonese-speaking potential customers that can be reactivated for later retargeting.

Increase conversion with Instagram swipe up feature through influencer marketing!

About Talika

Talika is a French beauty brand that is committed to developing innovative skincare in eye care, skincare, body care, and beauty devices. Lipocils sits behind the success of Talika products, with millions of loyal followers worldwide.

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