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Sarine Technology

Increase visibility in China through KOL amplification and Chinese social media localization

The Brief

Sarine set for DBL a clear objective: building brand awareness towards “High Net-Worth” audience groups in China and increase its visibility!

The Solution

Our team leveraged Weibo’s reach and KOL storytelling to increase the brand credibility. We also optimized Baidu search engine ranking and activated a unique mix of micro KOLs with a highly engaged social following through impactful video content.

KOL Campaign Management - Video Production - Artistic direction & Graphic Design - WeChat & Weibo Advertising Management - Performance analytics

The Results

1.3 million
article views
During the campaign
Video Views
From the KOL campaign
new followers
To Sarine's account

Key Takeaways

For this particular campaign, micro-influencers returned such promising results that it surpassed paid media advertising performance by 2.64 times without having had any paid incentive and focused on harnessing win-win partnerships alone. In addition, the strong social media presence of the KOLs on both Weibo and WeChat in China also attributed to the success of this campaign.

Activate your China Social Media presence and increase visibility in China with KOLs to maximize your local exposure!

About Sarine

For over a generation, Sarine has developed and supplied breakthrough technologies covering the entire diamond pipeline. Sarine products are known and loved worldwide, used in leading diamond manufacturing plants, wholesalers’ offices, all main gem labs, and jewelry retail stores.

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