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TotalEnergies — TotalEnergies Badminton Sponsorship Deal across APAC

Leveraging TotalEnergies’ APAC badminton sports sponsorship to boost exposure and expand follower base

The Brief

Leverage TotalEnergies’ sponsorship of the BWF to boost brand visibility during two key badminton championships.

We aimed to magnify TotalEnergies’ digital presence and connect with fans globally, especially those unable to attend the events in Suzhou and Copenhagen. This initiative targeted increasing in TotalEnergies’ online follower base and engagement. In 2024, TotalEnergies continues its fruitful collaboration with Digital Business Lab, building on the sponsorship agreement with the BWF.

The Objective

Brand Awareness & Follower Acquisition

The Solution

In partnership with TotalEnergies for their BWF sponsorship campaign, Digital Business Lab executed a strategic multi-phased approach to magnify the brand’s visibility and engagement across crucial badminton events.

Our efforts were focused on generating anticipation, maximizing live engagement, and extending the momentum post-tournaments to ensure lasting impact. This strategic blueprint was instrumental in elevating TotalEnergies’ brand engagement, aligning with its mission to strengthen ties with the global badminton community.

In summary, our solution for TotalEnergies was not just about leveraging a sponsorship but about creating a vibrant, engaging digital ecosystem that resonates with fans and propels the brand to new heights.

Social Media Strategy - Influencer Marketing - Paid Advertising - Content Creation - Social Media Analytics

PHASE 1: Teaser

TotalEnergies x Badminton Teaser phase content

Teaser Phase: Aimed at sparking interest with teasers, historical insights, engaging countdowns, player facts, and giveaways to build anticipation.

PHASE 2: Launch

TotalEnergies x Badminton Launch phase content

Launch Phase:  Focused on maintaining high audience engagement through:

  • Interactive live-streams on Facebook, incorporating audience participation, and enhanced with pre-recorded content.
  • Hosting by an influential personality to foster deeper connections and content resonance.
  • Launch of an immersive AR Filter for remote participation featuring tournament predictions and brand-oriented games.
  • Custom badminton and TotalEnergies stickers for fans reinforce the brand connection.
  • Content development involving players within sponsorship guidelines, with over 170 pieces meticulously managed for flawless execution.

PHASE 3: Sustain

TotalEnergies x Badminton Sustain phase content

Sustain Phase: 

  • Extended the event’s momentum with post-tournament content emphasizing TotalEnergies’ business messages, supported by strategic paid media.
  • Continued engagement through giveaways and interactive content, deepening the audience’s connection with TotalEnergies.
New Followers
across Instagram and Facebook
on Instagram & Facebook during tournament periods
Video Views
on Instagram & Facebook during tournament periods

Key Takeaways

Here are three key takeaways that any brand can learn from this campaign:

  1. Follower Acquisition Insights: Collaboration with relevant influencers and accounts, coupled with clear CTA giveaways, significantly boosts follower growth.
  2. Engagement Strategies: Diverse engagement tactics, including AR filters, stickers, and live streams, foster higher participation, with continuous testing and adaptation key to optimizing brand performance.
  3. Video Views Insights: Tailoring content to follower preferences, gathered through proactive feedback, leads to a notable increase in video views, reflecting DBL’s commitment to meeting audience and brand needs.
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About TotalEnergies


TotalEnergies is a multinational integrated energy company founded in 1924. It is one of the seven supermajor oil companies in the world. Since 2015, it has been the proud Title Sponsor of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) Major Events, including the BWF World Championships, BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals, and BWF Sudirman Cup Finals.​

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