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Moroccanoil — Korea Influencer & Video Content Marketing Campaign 2019

Localized video content to establish brand reputation

The Brief

Moroccanoil contacted DBL to help promote their hair and body product line in South Korea. Since the country is already saturated with local and international competitors, DBL’s challenge was to assist Moroccanoil to enter one of the world’s largest beauty market, via localized video content.

The Solution

To achieve Moroccanoil’s objective in this highly competitive market, DBL created a comprehensive social media activation strategy. We collaborated with South Korean influencers with legitimate domestic audience, and produced localized video content for the target audience. Furthermore, we also leveraged the influencer videos in ads campaigns, so as to maximize the brand’s reach.

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The Results

30 influencers
in South Korea
on Instagram & Facebook
Total reach
on Instagram & Facebook
Influencer videos
produced by DBL video team

Key Takeaways

The Korean beauty market has been expanding rapidly in the last 5 years, entering in the top 10 markets in the world. Foreign brands want to seize the business opportunity and be part of the blooming market. However, the domestic competition is already fierce enough without the additional international competitors. Thus, it’s important for brands to have a thorough understanding of the local scene to be ahead of the game.

To establish Moroccanoil’s strong reputation in the beauty industry, we first carried out influencer marketing. Before starting the identification and selection process, it’s worthy to know one unique characteristic of the South Korean social media landscape. Due to the global popularity of K-beauty, many South Korean influencers have followers from various countries. By leveraging our unique social influencer tool, Klear by Meltwater, and expert knowledge in the region, DBL was able to discover beauty KOLs with considerable domestic followers.

Another key factor of the strategy was creating localized video content to deliver brand and product messages to the audience. Besides starring local professional hairstylist and beauty KOLs, the style and mood of the final video also have to fit the taste of the public. Our Korean expert worked intensively with our in-house video production team to present that Korean touch. Compared to plain text and static visuals, localized video content was certainly a more effective medium to engage viewers and communicate messages.

Lastly, we also repurposed the localized video content into different formats. They were utilized for ad campaigns to maximize the brand’s reach in South Korea.

Establish brand reputation with localized video content!

About Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil is the industry pioneer in the oil-infused beauty industry as the iconic brand for argan oil-infused beauty products. Its full line of hair and body products are available globally in 34 countries.

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