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Polaroid Eyewear — Polaroid Eyewear Campaign 2017

Authenticate your social media and drive awareness with micro-influencers & win-win partnerships

The Brief

We aimed in this campaign to raise the Polaroid brand awareness to reflect its true value. Furthermore, we also target to attract local customers to the Hong Kong branch to increase sales.

Our Solution

We apply an innovative social media strategy, including video production, micro-influencer marketing, social media content and advertising. Also, we tailored content to ensure it resonates with the local Hong Kong community. Finally, we structured ad campaigns to support and enhance the influencer’s social media post exposure for maximum impact.

Strategy & Campaign Mechanisms, Video Production, Micro-Influencer Marketing Management, Social Media Advertising, Performance Analytics

The Results

on social media
Increase of Reach
with micro-influencers
Win-win Partnership
With Key Opinion Leaders
without monetary compensation

Key Takeaways

Micro-influencer marketing has become a billion dollar industry on Instagram for good reasons. For instance, various studies have pointed to the success of this mechanism.

Undoubtedly, this emerging trend has entered the e-commerce market. Micro-influencer campaigns are now accessible on social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. Meanwhile, the popularity continues to grow as brands discover their niche influencers and connect actively with their key audience.

The attraction to micro-influencers also comes from the low cost-efficiency of macro-influencers. This is due to that accounts with over a million followers can easily charge over 50,000USD per single post. Macro-influencers rarely meet the target due to the low engagement rate as well.

Above all, micro influencers drive 60% more engagement and deliver results that are up to seven times more affordable. They are also 22 times more successful in creating a community buzz. This is why it is one of the best solutions to engage your audience.

Unlock Your Micro-Influencer Network

About Polaroid

Polaroid Eyewear manufactures polarized sunglasses and polarized lenses, as well as optical frames, reading glasses, and clip-on lenses.

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