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Qeelin — Christmas Collection limited edition "Guimi Bo Bo"

Raise awareness on new product launch via 3D animation video & AR filter

The Brief

Qeelin approached Digital Business Lab to raise awareness on its Christmas Collection and support the limited edition launch of its most iconic collection during the gifting season in the global market.

DBL designed and created social media content that highlights the product while also filling it with brand spirits and a festive atmosphere in an optimized way.

The Solution

In 2 months, Digital Business Lab produced creative social media content: 3D animation video and interactive gamified Instagram AR filter to showcase Qeelin’s limited edition “Guimi Bo Bo” of its iconic collection as the star product of the Christmas season.

Our team leveraged a dynamic 3D solution to smartly highlight the new jewelry piece’s feature of changeable facial expressions with a simple twist. The 3D animated Bo Bo was showcased across Instagram and WeChat to the global and China market and further extended to offline retail stores.

Besides, DBL was involved in stepping up Qeelin’s filter game by creating a branded gamified augmented reality (AR) filter on Instagram to drive online engagement. The new jewelry piece was featured via an interactive eye-blinking game, as a result, successfully introduced the latest edition via an entertaining interaction.

3D Animation Video - Instagram AR Filter - Social Media Content Creation

The Results

Views Generated
On Instagram
Views Generated
On WeChat
Visual Experience
to Retail Stores Digital Screen

Key Takeaways

To reach Qeelin’s marketing objectives on their Christmas campaign:

  1. 3D animation video

When we think of luxury brands, sophistication is essential, especially for watches and jewelry.
DBL leveraged the use of the dynamic 3D solution as this strategy enables brands to:

  • One fantastic way to highlight and magnify the sophisticated details of the star jewelry piece
  • Communicate a message that may be difficult to explain other than by using conceptual animation,
    in this case, it effortlessly showcasing the feature of changeable facial expressions
  • Not only attract the viewers for the particular product, but also can showcase the overall standard and vision of your brand,
    in this case embodying the brand spirit as well as festive seasonal atmosphere
  • Showcase stunning visual experience to combat creative fatigue
  1. Branded gamified Instagram AR filter

To support Qeelin’s Christmas campaign, DBL created a branded interactive AR filter game featuring their limited edition,
in which audiences score points by blinking their eyes facing the front camera.

The interactive experience was a success in terms of driving online engagement as:

  • The filter game was entertaining and easy to share, in return encouraged user-generated content (UGC) and sharing on Instagram stories
  • Not only engage and entertain their customers but also deliver powerful branding and raise awareness on product
  • Provided gifting inspiration during the festive season in a fun and playful way
  1. Extend the visual experience from online to offline
  • High-quality visual assets embodying brand spirits can be leveraged and adapted across different social media platforms and channels, including retail stores.
Enhance your brand's social media experience via 3D animation video & gamified AR filter!

About Qeelin


Qeelin is a fine jewelry company created in 2004 by Dennis Chan and Guillaume Brochard. The brand fuses Chinese symbolism with Western exquisiteness.

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