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Centre Pompidou — Centre Georges Pompidou WeChat Influencer Campaign 2018

Reach Chinese consumers via WeChat influencer marketing

wechat influencer marketing

The Brief

Centre Pompidou approached DBL with the objective of introducing the museum to Chinese consumers and driving more visits from the country.  The Museum’s team created first a viral video about how they made Centre Pompidou known as one of the Paris “Big Five”—through Paris’ street vendors. We then got challenged to leverage the video to attract Chinese visitors.

The Solution

We achieved the goals by implementing WeChat influencer marketing and creating content related to identified keywords such as travelling, art, French culture, etc. DBL identified and coordinated with suitable WeChat influencers and created articles & videos about Centre Pompidou. Since the influencers know their audience the best, we allowed the influencers maximum of flexibility so they can tailor their content.

WeChat influencer & PR management - Content creation - Monitoring and Reporting

wechat influencer marketing

The Results

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Key Takeaways

To bring Centre Pompidou to the forefront of Chinese consumers’ attention, an effective way is to implement WeChat influencer marketing. Over 1 billion Chinese users log in WeChat every day, relying heavily on WeChat for information & entertainment. Apart from “Moments” and friends’ messages, they get most of their information from Official Accounts produced by influencers and brands. Hence, WeChat influencer marketing is a sure way to connect with the target audience.

Although followers size is a relevant element, we take into account other decisive criteria when choosing influencers. We identified suitable influencers by evaluating their content quality, engagement rate, and content relevance to select the best WeChat influencers for Centre Pompidou.

Another key factor for a successful influencer campaign is giving the KOLs maximum flexibility to create content. WeChat is a service ecosystem, which means the content needs to be useful and helpful to the readers. Who knows the readers better than the influencers? This is why we encouraged influencers to create trendy, non-commercial, appealing articles about Centre Pompidou. Moreover, we also provided influencers the video made by Centre Pompidou to help them create more engagging and attractive content. As a result, we were able to introduce the uniqueness of Centre Georges Pompidou to over 1,120,000 Chinese art lovers and travellers.

Reach Chinese Consumers through WeChat Influencer Marketing

About Centre Georges Pompidou

Located in the heart of Paris, the Centre Georges Pompidou Museum is a 20th-century architectural marvel designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. It is immediately recognizable by its exterior escalators and enormous colored tubing.

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