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Moroccanoil — The Color Complete Campaign 2018

Raise awareness with a holistic social media activation in APAC

The Brief

DBL was contacted by Moroccanoil to promote their new Color Complete Collection across APAC in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Japan. Another goal was to bring the salon locator website feature to the forefront of customers’s attention. DBL’s roles was to provide an all-round social media activation strategy, which focused on influencer marketing and Facebook advertising. Through this plan, we achieved to promote the collection and drive traffic to Moroccanoil’s website for salon discovering in the 3 locations.

The Solution

DBL reached the objectives of promoting the latest collection and introducing salon locations through 3 components of the social media activation plan. We managed the social media community, and furthermore, planned and executed win-win partnerships with micro-influencers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam to share about the Collection. Moreover, we implemented Facebook ads to target potential consumers and promote special offers. Also, we tailored each component of the strategy to specific local markets with content in localized languages.

Social Media Strategy - Social Media localized content production - Influencer marketing - Social Media advertising - Community Management

The Results

KOL Campaign Engagement
on Facebook & Instagram
Best KOL Post Engagement
on Facebook & Instagram
Total Reach
on Facebook

Key Takeaways

The 3 key components―management of influencer campaign, organic community and advertising―played their best part in the holistic marketing strategy for Moroccanoil’s APAC markets. It allowed the multinational brand to have locally generated content. Simultaneously, the 3 elements of the social media activation strategy strictly aligned with the brand image and strategy at the global level.

We collaborated with high profile beauty/lifestyle influencers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, and invited them to enjoy an exclusive salon experience of Moroccanoil products. This Win-Win partnership sparked positive sentiment from the audience towards the campaign. As a result, it not only boosted brand awareness but also increased sales inquiry. Once again, this proves that Win-Win partnership with micro-influencers is another valuable resource for brands.

Additionally, we were also responsible for coordinating the operations between Moroccanoil, its APAC distributors, and the influencers throughout the campaign. We ensured a seamless communication and product distribution among all parties.

Raise brand awareness and drive website traffic in APAC through social media activation!


Moroccanoil is the industry pioneer in the oil-infused beauty industry as the iconic brand for argan oil-infused beauty products. Its full line of hair and body products are available globally in 34 countries.

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