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Spearheading Ticket Sales for Southeast Asia’s Premier Art Fair – ArtSG

The Brief

In collaboration with ArtSG, Digital Business Lab aimed to elevate the inaugural Singapore fair into a can’t-miss event for art enthusiasts and collectors. Our mission was to target a high-value audience within the art world, driving both ticket sales and engagement through innovative digital marketing strategies.

The Objective

Brand Awareness & Ticket Sales

The Solution

Embracing a blend of creativity and analytical precision, we devised a bespoke digital campaign across LinkedIn, Meta, and Google Search Ads. Our focus was to ignite interest amongst art connoisseurs and collectors and to navigate the intricate web of global art networks with pinpoint targeting.

We meticulously crafted a messaging journey that guided potential attendees from initial awareness to consideration and conversion, offering tailored incentives at various sales funnel stages.

Early phase communications highlighted compelling offers like 50% discounts and 1-for-1 deals to spark interest, while later efforts focused on converting interest into action with retargeting campaigns, including an SGD$ 5-off promotion for online sales aimed at those close to making a purchase decision.

This nuanced approach ensured that we reached our diverse target audience and effectively moved them through a journey from awareness to conversion, maximising attendance and engagement for ArtSG’s landmark event.

Social Media Strategy - Paid Advertising - Content Creation - Social Media Analytics

Art SG Paid Ads

Targeted Personas for Multi-Channel Strategy:

  • LinkedIn Targeting:
    • High Net-Worth Individuals: Engaging affluent prospects interested in luxury art investments.
    • Art Enthusiasts: Capturing the attention of those with a deep appreciation for art and its cultural significance.
  • Meta Platforms (Facebook & Instagram):
    • Experimental Learners: Reaching individuals seeking interactive and immersive art experiences.
    • Visual Stimuli Seekers: Attracting users drawn to visually compelling content and aesthetic inspiration.
  • Search Advertising:
    • Art-Specific Searchers: Targeting users actively looking for art exhibitions, galleries, and events in Singapore.
    • Activity-Focused Audience: Engaging people searching for unique cultural and artistic activities within Singapore.
across LinkedIn, Meta and Google
with 2.3% Click-through Rate

Key Takeaways

This campaign highlighted the importance of understanding and leveraging the unique aspects of each social media platform to communicate effectively with different audience segments. It also underlines the value of a nuanced, data-driven approach to global and local market engagement.

Here are three key takeaways that any brand can learn from this campaign:

  1. Multi-Platform Engagement: Leveraging the strengths of each platform to craft a cohesive narrative that appeals to different demographics and interest groups.
  2. Persona-Driven Targeting: Deep data analysis to effectively understand and engage specific audience segments.
  3. Global and Local Campaigns: Creating buzz and driving engagement through strategically placed content and advertisements.
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About ArtSG


ArtSG is South East Asia’s largest art fair, showing visionary and exciting contemporary art from the region and around the world.

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