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Qeelin — BoBo Stickers

Engage Your Audience with Cross-Platform Social Media Stickers

The Brief

Building on a fruitful partnership, Qeelin once again selected Digital Business Lab to further elevate its social media presence and deepen connections with global audiences. This ongoing collaboration underscores our shared commitment to:

  1. Establishing meaningful connections with digital communities.
  2. Producing captivating and engaging content.
  3. Broadening the brand’s follower base across social platforms.

This partnership reflects our continued dedication to achieving exceptional results through strategic innovation and deep understanding of Qeelin’s brand ethos. See our previous campaign with Qeelin here.

The Objective

Community Engagement & Follower Acquisition

The Solution

Digital Business Lab developed a strategic, multi-platform sticker campaign leveraging the brand’s iconic mascot, BoBo. This initiative capitalised on the unique appeal and communicative power of social media stickers—a particularly potent tool in markets. For example, in South Korea, stickers are more than just fun, graphical elements; they are deeply integrated into users’ daily interactions and are often purchased.

Our team meticulously designed a diverse collection of Bobo-themed stickers, ensuring both static and animated options were available to meet the varied requirements of each social media platform. This approach guaranteed a tailored and engaging user experience across Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, and KakaoTalk.

Working in close partnership with Qeelin, we produced over a dozen distinctive stickers, each one carefully integrated across the chosen platforms for maximum impact. Launched in December 2023, the campaign combined advertising, organic engagement, and targeted in-store promotions to quickly achieve outstanding results, demonstrating the effectiveness of well-coordinated, cross-market marketing strategies.

Social Media Strategy - KakaoTalk Advertising - Content Creation

KakaoTalk Sticker and Push Message
Instagram Qeelin Stickers
WeChat Qeelin Stickers and Article
WhatsApp Qeelin Stickers
By KakaoTalk and WeChat Users
On Facebook & Instagram
New Fans
For Qeelin KakaoTalk Account

Key Takeaways

  • Social media content and engagement with communities go beyond the basic feed-related content. We encourage our brands to seek deeper touchpoints and better connect!
  • Stickers are a very cost-efficient way to generate brand engagement and recruit social media followers.
  • Each platform has its own specificities, but with good coordination, we can activate them simultaneously and efficiently.
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About Qeelin


Qeelin is a fine jewellery company created in 2004 by Dennis Chan and Guillaume Brochard. The brand fuses Chinese symbolism with Western exquisiteness.

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