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Increase brand awareness in China via WeChat & Weibo advertising

The Brief

It was originally a 6-month project and was squeezed into 3 months. The client would like to involve DBL to increase their brand awareness of their baby wipe product through WeChat, Weibo, and Tmall in China, ultimately convert sales on Tmall among the young moms.

The Solution

DBL supported WaterWipes to manage their WeChat official account and Weibo account by posting their product or brand content regularly. At the same time, DBL also helped to run advertisements on WeChat, Weibo, and Tmall, as well as engaging WeChat and Weibo influencers to achieve the client’s goal in awareness and sales conversion.

Social Media Strategy - WeChat, Weibo Account Management and Content Creation - WeChat Advertising - Weibo Advertising - Tmall Advertising - Influencer Marketing on WeChat and Weibo

The Results

WeChat Moment Ads

in CTR
New followers
from WeChat QA Banner Ads
in Conversion

Weibo Ads

from WeiBo Banner ads

Key Takeaways

WaterWipes product targets a very niche market – young moms with kids from newborn to 2 years old. The key to the advertisement’s performance is how precise we can reach out to this niche segment. Overall, we have made multiple attempts on WeChat, Weibo, and Tmall, and each platform has its targeting techniques and strategies.

WeChat advertising: WeChat has very comprehensive targeting parameters to reach out to moms with babies below 3 years old. Because of this precise targeting applied during the 2nd campaign, we have achieved a stunning performance through WeChat advertising.

Weibo advertising: The targeting is a little vague, but we used the follower targeting parameter to target the Mothercare Weibo influencers’ followers. This also gives good feedback during the campaign. As for Tmall, the targeting is quite complicated as keyword targeting is applied. To find the best suitable keywords, we have compiled a list of keywords from the sales helper backend and designed our targeting parameters based on this list.

Influencer marketing: Besides advertisements, we also engaged with WeChat and Weibo influencers to increase awareness and perhaps sales conversion. Overall, we have 10 influencers from WeChat and Weibo, and the overall impression is high. Influencer marketing is critical in China, and we have converted a large base of new followers for the WaterWipes WeChat account from the WeChat influencer marketing.

DBL recommendations: WeChat and Weibo content are regularly updated with 20 Weibo posts per month and 1 WeChat article update per week. This frequency is pretty high as we had to squeeze a 6-month plan into 3 months. We always recommend our client to have 10 Weibo posts a month and 1 WeChat article biweekly.

Overall, WaterWipes have achieved beyond our expectations on awareness and conversion. Their WeChat and Weibo accounts are well maintained, with many new followers gained with fresh content. Their Tmall store has achieved outstanding results, especially during the double 11 periods with Weibo and Tmall ads.

Next stage, we are going to help WaterWipes to explore Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) further.

Elevate your brand awareness through WeChat and Weibo advertising!

About WaterWipes

WaterWipes is a UK brand created by a caring father Edward McCloskey who wanted to produce a pure, gentle, and safe baby wipe product for his newborn daughter.
WaterWipes is renowned for its pure baby wipe products which have no chemicals or additives. It is scientifically proved and certified to be good for sensitive baby skins or even babies with rashes

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