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Wikipedia — Wikimania Singapore Conference

Education Influencer-Driven Campaign: Enhancing Wikipedia Awareness Among Gen Z in South East Asia

The Brief

Leverage the energy and timing of Wikimania Singapore 2023 (an annual conference and celebration of the Wikimedia movement) to get young people in the ESEAP region (East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific) more acquainted with and talking about Wikimedia—the movement, the projects, the people (Wikimedians), and Wikipedia.

Our role was to:

  1. Identify and partner with 8 social media influencers in Asia who had a passion for sharing free knowledge and could attend the event and create content pre, during and post-event to spread the message of the Wikimedia movement and the work that the volunteers (Wikimedians) are producing
  2. Activate the Wikimedia volunteers (WIkimedians) online and those at the event to promote the Wikimedia Foundation projects on their social channels.

The Objective

Brand Awareness & Community Engagement

The Solution

Digital Business Lab recognised social media’s untapped potential and collaborated with influential personas from critical Asian regions. The result was an enveloping strategy that resonated across digital landscapes. We formed strategic partnerships with 8 education and culture-centric influencers from 5 Asia markets – Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. These weren’t just any influencers; they were voices that echoed to millions, advocating the power and essence of free knowledge.

Merging the dynamics of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, our plan spanned across pre-event teasers to immersive event day moments and reflective post-event insights. By focusing on short, digestible content for the pre-event phase and transitioning to deeper, reflective long-form videos post-event, we achieved a narrative arc that drew Gen Z closer to the world of Wikimedia.

Our strategy also invigorated the Wikimedia community. By crafting a Wikimedia Quiz AR social filter (Click here to try it out), we amplified the voices of those attending the event and connected the global online. This confluence of internal community voices with external influencers gave life to a rich tapestry of stories and experiences from Wikimania 2023.

Influencer Strategy - Influencer Management - Content Creation

Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Philipines, Indonesia
Pieces of Content
reached 823,115 users online
Comments and Story Replies
showing that initial interest and conversation was sparked around the movement
with an average engagement rate of 4.17%
Video Views
reached over 820,000 users online and was seen over 4 million times

Key Takeaways

Influencer Marketing Strategy

  • Tailored Influencer Strategies: Every influencer excels differently. Before collaboration, it’s crucial to delve deep into their metrics, determining the most fitting objectives, platforms, and content styles.
  • Personalized Briefings: Rather than offering a standard set of deliverables, engage in one-on-one dialogues with influencers. Understand where their followers predominantly are, which content styles they gravitate towards, and what truly resonates with their audience. This knowledge paves the way for crafting unique experiences and deliverables that yield optimal results.
  • Audience Comprehension: It’s vital to understand an influencer’s audience demographics holistically. Don’t assume that an influencer’s following solely stems from their home country. Comprehensive audience insights ensure precise targeting.
  • Gamification for Employee Engagement: When rallying your internal teams, gamification emerges as a compelling tactic. It enhances enjoyment and motivates specific actions, like generating buzz through social posts.

Feedback from KOLs We Collaborated With

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About Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit organisation that underpins the foundation for open knowledge. They host Wikipedia, a volunteer-created, edited, and verified online encyclopedia, and several other crucial community-driven projects.

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