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Xiaohongshu Influencer Marketing: Driving Immediate Leads for HK7s in Mainland China

The Brief

In our strategic campaign for the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens (HK7s), Digital Business Lab aimed to position Xiaohongshu as the primary platform for engaging a mainland China audience.

Our objectives were focused on maximizing brand visibility, establishing Xiaohongshu as the premier communication channel, and cultivating a vibrant online community. By leveraging targeted influencer collaborations and strategic brand-generated content, we aimed to connect with rugby enthusiasts and build an extensive community that actively engages targeted audiences. Our focused approach was designed to generate immediate leads, enhancing the event’s appeal and effectiveness.

The Objective

Brand Visibility & Ticket Sale

The Solution

For the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens (HK7s) campaign on Xiaohongshu, we crafted a targeted strategy that positioned Xiaohongshu as the primary communication channel for mainland Chinese audiences. Our approach seamlessly integrates Western and mainland China market dynamics, leveraging tailored content and strategic influencer collaborations.

Organic & Paid Strategy 
Our comprehensive strategy unfolded in three pivotal phases—Pre Kick-off & Kick-off, Main Campaign, and Campaign Conclusion & Follow-up—employing organic and paid media, influencer partnerships, and direct audience interactions to amplify brand visibility and engage the community.

Cross-Border Influencer Engagement

  • Mainland China: Managed all Xiaohongshu activities, focusing on authentic content creation, influencer marketing, and user engagement.
  • Hong Kong: Implemented parallel strategies on Instagram, aligning content creation and influencer marketing with local audience preferences.

Through the comprehensive strategy with BGSs, KGCs, and UGCs collectively boost brand visibility, we enhanced the HK7s’s social media presence and also built a vibrant and interactive community on the Xiaohongshu platform, demonstrating our ability to create cohesive, culturally resonant social media campaigns.

Xiaohongshu Social Media Strategy - Influencer Marketing - Organic & Paid Content Mangeament

HK7s x DBL campaign on Xiaohongshu phase 1
HK7s x DBL campaign on Xiaohongshu phase 2
HK7s x DBL campaign on Xiaohongshu phase 3
XHS Influencers
with 67 earned posts
58 Organic Posts
acquired 3,747 followers
with 152,052 views during campaign
130K Impressions & 50K Clicks
by boosting organic content
via XHS Spotlight Platform
generated under 5 key hashtags + 4 highly relevant hashtags

Key Takeaways

Digital Business Lab’s strategy for the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens (HK7s) on Xiaohongshu, helping them successfully boost their brand visibility in mainland China as their first step. After the whole campaign, here are some key insights:

  • Account Credibility: Elevated the HKCR official account to corporate status with a “Blue label,” enhancing its credibility and visibility.
  • Content Deployment: Consistently rolled out engaging organic and sponsored content that resonated with the target audience, maintaining sustained interest and interactive engagement throughout the campaign.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Engaged in tactical influencer partnerships that significantly amplified our campaign reach and engagement, effectively spreading the HK7s narrative.
  • Community Channels Utilization: Made strategic use of exclusive community channels, such as WeChat groups, to promote targeted ticket sales and special promotions, enhancing direct audience engagement and conversion opportunities.

Overall, our approach engaged over 1.5 million followers through strategic influencer partnerships, boosted organic and sponsored impressions to enhance event interaction and anticipation and cultivated a dynamic community. These efforts expanded HK7’s reach and laid a strong foundation for future promotional activities in mainland China.

Learn how to grow online communities that generate immediate leads on Xiaohongshu.

About Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

The Cathay/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is a thrilling three-day rugby event renowned for its dynamic blend of sport and entertainment. Established in 1976 with just 12 teams and 3,000 spectators, it has grown into the most anticipated event on the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series calendar. It attracts world-class players and thousands of fans each year, showcasing a vibrant mix of intense rugby, diverse cuisine, and lively festivities. Known as one of Asia’s premier annual sporting events, the Hong Kong Sevens celebrates 48 years of history, featuring legendary players and unforgettable moments.

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