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AIA Carnival — Full Service Digital Marketing Support for Hong Kong’s AIA Carnival

Xiaohongshu Influencer Marketing in Hong Kong: Boosting AIA Carnival ticketing

The Brief

Digital Business Lab has once again partnered with AIA Carnival, reinforcing a longstanding collaboration built on trust and proven results.

This year, we set out to drive attendance to Hong Kong’s cherished winter event and enhance its digital footprint across the Greater Bay Area. The aim was to create a seamless online presence for the carnival across diverse social media landscapes, emphasising the synchronisation of Western and Chinese influencer strategies to maximise reach and engagement.

The Objective

Brand Awareness & Ticket Sales

The Solution

Our strategy harnessed the synergy of Western and Chinese social media, specifically Instagram and Little Red Book, to maximise the AIA Carnival’s appeal across diverse audiences.

Organic Strategy & Content Creation
Developed a targeted organic strategy involving the entire content production lifecycle—from ideation, shooting, and design to editing and copywriting—tailored for the specific cultural context of each market.

Cross-Border Influencer Engagement
We engaged over 150 influential KOLs from Instagram and the Little Red Book to bridge cultural gaps, leveraging their reach in Hong Kong and mainland China. These influencers were integral, creating content highlighting the carnival’s offerings, attracting attendees from both regions and varying from photography to family content, effectively multiplying our campaign’s impact.

Paid Advertising
By crafting engaging visuals and deploying strategic Google Search, YouTube and Display Advertising campaigns, we ensured the carnival’s message was compelling and consistent, driving interest and ticket sales.

Through this streamlined strategy, we reinforced our commitment to innovation and effectiveness, underscoring our long-term partnership with the AIA Carnival and our shared success in driving event attendance and engagement.

Full-Scale Social Media Strategy - Influencer Marketing and Management - Video Production

Xiaohongshu AIA Carnival Official Account and Influencer Content
WeChat Cross Border Official Accounts
Instagram AIA Official Account and Influencer Content
China KOLs
1.6M audience + 2.1M impressions
Hong Kong KOLs
Reached 12M audiences with unpaid win-win collaborations
Paid Advertising
via Google Search, Display and YouTube
Generating 5.7M impressions and 175K clicks

Key Takeaways

For the AIA Carnival campaign in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, our strategy integrated organic content with influencer marketing across multiple platforms, emphasising the necessity of platform-specific content crafting:

  • Platform-Specific Content: The success of events like the AIA Carnival underscores the importance of crafting content that resonates with the audience of each social media platform, taking into account the unique features and user expectations.
  • Synergy and Alignment: Achieving content alignment between platforms like Little Red Book and Instagram is crucial for a unified brand message, reinforcing the importance of a strategic, integrated approach to maximize event marketing success.
Drive attendance to your event in the GBA with our cross-marketing influencer marketing strategy

About AIA Carnival

AIA Carnival, Hong Kong’s biggest winter event, returns in 2024. As a beacon of entertainment and excitement, the carnival offers an array of thrilling rides, engaging games, and live performances designed to captivate visitors of all ages. AIA Carnival has established itself as a must-visit destination for families, friends, and anyone looking to experience the joy and magic of a world-class carnival in the heart of Hong Kong.

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